Countries Paying Substantial Wages Do Not Welcome Russian Engineers

16 december 2015 | Izvestia

‘Russian engineers are almost the most underpaid engineers in the ranking,’ said Yuriy Ammosov, the Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center, to ‘Izvestia’, referring to the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015 by the American company Compass.

Yuri Ammosov
Yuri Ammosov
Adviser to Director General of the Analytical Center

‘Izvestia’ writes that Moscow is the third in the ranking on the number of start-ups (among European cities): around 4 thousand young companies are developing, but only a few are successful. In general, Moscow has the lowest rate of growth of the innovation ecosystem in the ranking. Upscale engineers earn about $40 thousand a year (by 75% less than in Silicon Valley.) Foreigners are unwilling to come to Moscow; there are a few foreign experts among startups’ employees. Unfortunately, in terms of the startups’ staff having similar work experience the Moscow ecosystem is the last one in the ranking.

‘If engineers could easily find work abroad there would be no way they could be hired very cheaply. However, as visa regulations of countries paying substantial wages are tailored to cut the number of foreigners comming the majority of experts is forced to stay in Russia,’ said Mr Ammosov.