Ukraine’s participation in 2 integration associations at once endangers Russian market

2 december 2015 | RBC-TV

Inna Dudykina, the expert of the Department for Sectors of Economy of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation, talked live on RBC-TV on consequences for Russia of creating a Ukraine-EU free trade area. Being a member of the CIS free trade area Ukraine has signed and ratified an Association Agreement with the EU. According to the expert, this endangers the Russian market.

Inna Dudykina
Inna Dudykina
Directorate for WTO Policies

'The Russian Federation consistently states its concerns on the issue and names activities which will take place when the Ukraine-EU free trade agreement is enacted. Russia is a reliable partner, we sit down to the negotiating table, talk about a compromise. If Ukrainian and European partners were ready to consider our concerns, if all three parties were ready to find common ground – these issue are sensitive. We hope everything will be ok, again sanctions are not creating positive environment,’ said the expert.

The expert hopes that parties will make a settlement which will let Ukraine and Russia deal with the situation with low losses. There are some obligations within both the WTO and the CIS free trade agreements. ‘Consequences which will occur in case there are losses from the Ukraine, for example if there is the re-export, are clearly defined in the CIS agreement. We will have to take measures, and that will not be good for all of us,’ resumed Ms Dudykina

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