When project trial estimates are made, we will be able to see whether it's interesting

12 november 2015 | Yamal-Region

The expert of the Analytical Center Irina Pominova took part in the 3rd Oil & Gas Summit 'Exploration and Production.' In Summit's focust - the domestic oil service, overcoming effects of sanctions, reviews of changes in the law and the presentation of innovative technologies.

Irina Pominova
Irina Pominova
Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

During the event, experts pointed out that the demand for liquefied natural gas is growing, but at the same time the competition increases, so it is very important to take this niche in time. Experts counted 'gas jets' among alternative sources of natural gas. According to them, this new direction can compete with even the Yamal miners. 'The essence of it is that the gas of the same quality comes out itself to the surface of the earth. Such exhalation is known to take place in the Sea of Okhotsk, the Barents Sea, but the greatest concentration of gas jets is found on the Crimean coast,' experts admit.

'We try to keep track of such technological developments, and ideas are interesting, but there it is only one possibility, the perspective,' said Irina Pominova to the TV and Radio Company 'Yamal-Region.' The expert  considers that as long as there is no technology and assessment of the project this is just one of the options. "'nd when there is some kind of test evaluation, there is the economy of the project, it is already possible to see whether this is interesting,' said Ms. Pominova.

In her report ‘Prospects for Asian Demand for Russian Gas’ Irina Pominova pointed out that ‘amid sanctions the eastern vector of the external energy policy in Russia is becoming more and more pronounced, and Asian gas demand forecasts – more indefinite.’ Prospects for the Russian turn to the west firstly depend on the Asian countries’ demand for import, but also on the growing competition of supply , the negative price performance, limited capabilities of the country in timely buildup of export supply (due to the sanctions’ tension.)