Financing of investment in the country moves away from market sources towards state support

3 november 2015 | Rossiyskaya Biznes-Gazeta

In the first half of 2015 in most regions of Russia decline in investments in fixed assets was recorded. Throughout the country, investments fell by 7.3% compared with the first half of last year and turned out to be 5% below the level at the same period of 2013. What is the investment activity in the region, have any new post-crisis trends been developed, what directions do investments move in and what are sources of funds - the expert of the Analytical Center Alexander Golyashev comments on these issues oin 'Rossiyskaya Biznes-Gazeta.'

Alexander Golyashev
Alexander Golyashev
Department for Research Studies

Previously, in early October, experts of the Analytical Center prepared a Bulletin 'Dynamics of investment activity under conditions of economic downturn in Russia' and they came to a conclusion that at this time there are no investment impulses on additional investments neither from any of the major consortia, nor from large government projects or small and medium-sized businesses. Experts emphsized that the study did not cover all problems of capital investments in conditions of economic downturn, it considered only basic parameters of the process and the level of detailization was determined by the presence of statistics.

Source: Rossiyskaya Biznes-Gazeta