There is no human activity that cannot be improved

30 october 2015 | Pravda.Ru

In the latest ranking of national innovation systems competitiveness Russia was 42nd out of 50. The adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center Yuri Ammosov in an interview to gave an assessment of the rating objectivity, noting that he 'is as objective as his methodology.'

Yuri Ammosov
Yuri Ammosov
Adviser to Director General of the Analytical Center

'The rating is largely derived from other indicators, which are quite indicative. We are holding quite well in some parameters of the rating, and in some we are not. Therefore, globally, our net position is somewhere in the middle,' said Mr.Ammosov. The expert believes that the situation can be changed, but it should be kept in mind that moving within the rating takes place in absolute terms, and very often first places differ only by a fraction of a percent. In this case, a change of places is smaller than the measurement error, and some parameters can objectively facilitate or hinder countries - for example, the number of the Internet connections per capita or provision of the broadband Internet connection. Small countries may implement it much easier, because they are smaller, whereas in Russia it is very expensive and technically difficult to provide modern communication for some remote regions, considers the expert.

'Almost constantly in the history the creation of new industries and sectors has been associated with a favourable change in the external environment, or with additional state support. You may recall the innovator's dilemma - the theory of Clayton Christensen from Harvard, who showed that the vast majority of innovations was introduced only because of the fear of competitive pressure, the fear of losing. So far, when the fear does not matter, innovation will not be promoted,' said mr Ammosov.

Those who are engaged in the development of innovative methods in science and life, need to be supported. Mr Ammosov mentioned the program 'Strategy 2020', STI and other projects that are being discussed at Innovation forums. 'This is a good thing, but when it comes to practical implementation, once there are obstacles, interference, errors and sabotage. Unfortunately, to make a good plan and to implement the plan are two different things,' said the expert.

In Russia, the demand for innovation is seen across all industries. According to Mr Ammosov, there is no human activity that can not be improved. 'Men will always seek to alter something in their environment,' said the expert. Most of all initiative comes from youth. 'Young people want to do interesting things, do not be in need and have a good prospect for the future. If you give them an expectation that they will have all that with engineering professions, we will continue to get the talent,' he concluded.

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