It is profitable for business to be engaged in extended education

8 october 2015 | Kommersant

Representatives of Russian companies that are engaged in extended education for children held a meeting at the Analytical Center. Businessmen ensured officials that they are ready to assist in implementation of the order of the President under which up to 2020 75% of children should be engaged in after-school hobby groups and classes. Until the moment the order is executed improperly: at the end of September the Public Chamber even said that the situation was "tragic". According to data of social workers, a number of art centers decreases, therewith the payment for such studies keeps growing steadily.

Inna Karakchieva
Inna Karakchieva
Department for Expert Analytics

 "Let's admit that it is profitable for business to be engaged in extended education," Inna Karakchieva, the expert of the Analytical Center's Department for Research Works, commented on the situation to "Kommersant". "Otherwise there would not be such a large number of private organizations in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast." Ms. Karakchieva admitted that this is a huge potential that can be used for development of the country but is not used yet. "The business community is ready, and the Government is for that, too," resumed the expert.

First of all, private art centers need privileged credits from the state for this purpose, experts noted. Besides that, businessmen asked to provide them with fair competition in the market of extended education, as according to them, state centers are now in much more convenient conditions.