Sometimes the purpose of the evaluation procedure is in following the procedure

30 september 2015 | Rossiyskaya Biznes-Gazeta

The Analytical Center has monitored the application of procedures of the Regulatory Impact Assessment by federal executive bodies, which was analyzing the evaluation of projects on the portal since July 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015.

Tatiana Radchenko
Tatiana Radchenko
Deputy Head

Tatyana Radchenko, the Head of the Analytical Center's Department for Competition Policy talked to "Rossiyskaya Biznes-Gazeta" about the monitoring results. "At the stage of notifications on the document development proposals are received only in 21% of cases. Compared to the first wave of monitoring (2013-2014 years) the discussion activity increased. Earlier proposals at the notification stage of a law draft development were expressed only in 13% of cases. At the stage of discussions of the developed law draft proposals are received more often - in 36% of cases," said the expert. The practice shows that experts and representatives of the business prefer to discuss the developed law draft, and not to offer their own ideas on how to create and solve the problems identified in the notification, the expert explained.  Ms. Radchenko added that "sometimes the purpose of the evaluation procedure is in following the procedure."