We are searching for a system that fits the task at hand the best way, not just the best system

29 september 2015 | PC Week

During the third conference of the Russian Enterprise Content Summit 2015, held in mid-September, the weekly PC Week / RE, experts discussed problems in the field of electronic document management (EDM) and content management (ECM), that government agencies of all sizes face. Similar tasks have always had a high priority in corporate and public sectors, but event organizers believe that today, in conditions of the economic crisis and political pressure, they have become even more relevant.

Anatoliy Karpenko
Anatoliy Karpenko
Department for Information Technologies

The Conference participants repeatedly raised two topics of particular relevance to the public sector - the import substitution and the use of free software. Anatoly Karpenko, the Head of the Analytical Center's Department for Information Technologies, described the proposed methodology for selection and implementation of enterprise EDMS for government agencies. "Prototypes of the desired solution are built on pre-selected candidate platforms and then they are tested on real data and evaluated by experts under various parameters. As a result, each platform (four home-produced systems were evaluated) receives a summary score, according to which a final choice should be made," PC Week quotes the expert. However, the technique does not identify the best EDMS but the system that fits the task at hand the best way, according to the expert.