All Сompetition Standard documents should be collected in March-April 2016

29 september 2015 | Izvestia

A Competition Promotion Standard will be implemented in regions. The document will establish a common approach to the competition promotion at municipal and regional levels. "All documents on the competition standard should be collected in March and April 2016, and final results and the adjustment of the data are to be completed in May-June of the next year," said Tatyana Radchenko, the Head of the Analytical Center’s Department for Competition Policy to "Izvestia".

Tatiana Radchenko
Tatiana Radchenko
Deputy Head

A key role in the process of data collection, according to Ms. Radchenko, will be owned by federal agencies. "It is very important for the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to promote regional competition, but the FAS cannot create mechanisms that would force regions to develop competition in the internal market. Therefore, during the collection of data we shall provide it a possibility to execute its comments to the report. This will give a clear picture based on the opinion of all parties about what is happening in the regions," said the expert, adding that final reports will be submitted to the Ministry of Economic Development for the final summation. Her colleague Ksenia Sukhorukova added that regions will submit their reports to the Federal Antimonopoly Service on the basis of data of municipal departments, who will be able to report on their own work in the direction of compliance with the Competition Standard. 

"We expect some conflicts of interests between the management of regional entities and federal agencies yet at the collection stage," said Ms. Radchenko, explaining that the regional authorities want to embellish reality and to remain in good standing with the Government, without opening their domestic markets to foreign investors. "We want to conduct a thoughtful assessment to present the real picture of activities of regional authorities on facilitation of the development of competition. A potential conflict of interests between regional governments, regional offices of federal agencies and businesses can only help to identify the most acute problems," explained Ms. Sukhorukova.

Source: Izvestia

In September 2015 a seminar "The Competition Standard in the Russian Federation" was held at the Analytical Center.