Roadway expansion through forced demolition of municipal constructions is not always possible

27 july 2015 | IA REGNUM

The news of possible prohibition of stopping and parking on 290 of Moscow’s streets met with a torrential response in social networks and among the expert community. Experts believe that this project will require prolonged and detailed survey of the specific traffic pattern on each street of Moscow. That said, it is to be borne in mind that the Moscow’s urban development plan had been taking shape throughout centuries, meaning that the rapidly rising intensity of traffic flows contributes to cluttering traffic, while expanding roadway through forced demolition of municipal structures, is simply not always possible. The city authorities are left with no other choice but to seek alternative solutions to this problem, like, for example, removing parked vehicles from the roadway.

Mikhail Nizov
Mikhail Nizov
Department for Sectors of Economy

Expert of the Analytical Center Mikhail Nizov told REGNUM that, a competent approach provided, this prohibition may help solve the problem of congested traffic.

The expert described this solution as “a routine global practice”. “This naturally creates many problems for owners of vehicles who arrive at their destination and do not find any parking space there. Way more inconveniences for car drivers residing in the neighborhood are caused by prohibition of parking. Yet for a majority of road users who travel in transit, this is a very good thing, since traffic congestion is thereby significantly and rapidly reduced,” Mr. Nizov explained. “A flexible and balanced approach on the part of traffic managers to marking out traffic sig zones, the hours and days of the week during which traffic signs pose restrictions depending on the intensity of traffic flows, the specific characteristics of the streets and facilities located on them, the impact of a specific street’s traffic capacity on the major traffic flows in the city, as well as availability of public transport will play a decisive role with regard to reducing the inconveniences Moscow residents and visitors have to put up with.