We are not seeing a global breakthrough in energy efficiency

13 july 2015 | urbc.ru

Russian companies are not making full use of their energy efficiency potential. That is the view energy sector experts expressed at the international exhibition Innoprom-2015.

Dmitry Khomchenko
Dmitry Khomchenko
Department for Sectors of Economy

“Unfortunately, by and large, we are not seeing a global breakthrough in energy efficiency in the utilities sector, in state run companies, in municipal transport or in urban management in general, the Analytical Center Expert Dmitry Khomchenko said in an interview for Urals Business Consulting. “For the time being, as consumers, we are limiting ourselves to installing double-rate meters and replacing light bulbs. And when utility rates are rising, we hardly ever wonder about what could be done on the scale of a certain building, neighborhood or an entire city to keep these ratings from rising so fast.”

Experts believe that in Russia most benefits are to be gained by implementing energy efficiency measures in central heating and building lighting systems. The most effective projects, according to experts, involve installing light bulbs that get automatically activated by motion sensors and then turn off after a preset period of time, installing weather-dependent regulation in the heating systems of apartment blocks, cleaning water supply systems and modernizing elevators. Municipalities, in their turn, should use light diode street lighting that allows power consumption to be easily adjusted based on the time of day or the amount of traffic in a given section of the street.