Pre-installed Russian apps on smartphones: more questions than answers

13 august 2019 | RBC-TV

Elena Kovaleva, Head of the Department for Competition Policy of the Analytical Center, was interviewed by the host of Delovoy Den, on RBC. The subject of the program was the Federal Antimonopoly Service's initiative to make pre-installation of Russian apps on smartphones compulsory for the Russian market.

Elena Kovaleva
Elena Kovaleva
Department for Competition Policy

"So far in respect of this issue there are more questions than answers, - said Kovaleva. - Two meetings  with the market participants were already held at the Analytical Center, and the results of the discussions show that the Federal Antimonopoly Service are not widely supported.

According to the expert, this market is already sufficiently competitive and manufacturers already pre-install popular software of the relevant quality. That is, this is already a necessity even without additional regulation. Several Russian app developers also said that already now they are successfully competing in this market.

Kovaleva noted that there is an issue related to the presence in the market of open-source and closed-source operating systems and that, in the second case, pre-installation is technically possible only for the manufacturer's apps. This raises serious doubts about the implementation of the proposed action.

The criteria for selecting the software are not entirely clear. And, although pre-installation of apps could be a good incentive for Russian software developers, the analyst believes that there could be another risk: repartition of the market in favor of large Russian developers.

Source: RBC-TV