Provision of public services in the agricultural sector must be digitalized

7 august 2019 | ComNews

According to ComNews, the experts note the need for digital transformation of the Russian agricultural sector. Elena Razumova, Deputy Head of the Department for Expert Analytics of the Analytical Center, in her interview with the publication's correspondent noted that most of all, the Russian agricultural sector needs a digital transformation in the provision of public services and, as a whole, in the interactions with public authorities: submission of applications, obtainment of extracts, documents, various approvals.

Elena Razumova
Elena Razumova
Department for Expert Analytics

In her opinion, the development of digitalization in the agricultural sector is hindered by the great number of types of agricultural producers, which include large vertical holdings and very small businesses, and the conditions in which the agricultural business is carried out. As a result, there are difficulties in the creation of unified and more accessible digital instruments, says Razumova.

Another constraint is the small volume of open regular data on companies' activities which software developers can use to create applications and services, and the currently low level of digital literacy of owners and staff at agricultural businesses, especially in small companies. "The process is complicated also by the small number of truly "paperless" public services in the agricultural sector. For example, even the electronic compulsory motor third-party liability insurance policy is printed, although the regulation on the electronic compulsory motor third-party liability insurance policy became effective in 2015. This decreases the possibility for collection of data about agricultural businesses, and does not stimulate companies to increase digital literacy", - noted Razumova.

According to the expert, the driver for the digital transformation of the agricultural industry in Russia is the presence of large agricultural holdings. "The scale effect of the introduction of digital technologies in these businesses is significantly stronger. Moreover, companies developing software for large enterprises can use this experience in the creation of products for small companies", - she noted, and added that other drivers are government actions for organization of product traceability in product markets and the large number of agricultural producers. "There are about 140,000 farms in Russia" - she noted.

On October 8, Elena Razumova will participate in the federal IT forum of the Russian agricultural complex, "Smart Agro: Digital Transformation in Agriculture", where the issues of digital transformation of the national agricultural sector will be discussed.

Source: ComNews