The principles for calculation of the consumer basket should be reconsidered

2 august 2019 | Izvestia

"The principles for calculation of the consumer basket should probably be reconsidered. Today a ratio of the cost of food products to non-food products and services of 50% to 50% (or close to that value) is used only in Russia and former Soviet republics", - said Vladimir Trubin, expert of the Department for Social Policy of the Analytical Center, to Izvestia. In Belarus the share of food products in the consumer basket is 48.6%, in Kazakhstan it is 55%, in Ukraine (2015) – 57.1%. In Azerbaijan this indicator differs for different population groups: from 58% for working-age population, up to 61% for children and 67% for retirees.

Vladimir Trubin
Vladimir Trubin
Department for Social Policy

The composition of the consumer basket must be different for men, women and children of different ages, writes the publication. The Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnology, whose experts developed gender-oriented product baskets, issued these recommendations. The proposals, which Izvestia has already seen, have been sent to all interested departments. It is planned to consider them at the next meeting of the work group for improvement of the method for determining the consumer basket and the minimum wage. The current categories for which it is determined are working-age people, retirees and children. Using the approach proposed by the Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnology, the funds allocated to men will be 14% more compared to women.

Trubin said that, for example, in Canada, the share of food in the cost of the product basket is significantly lower: in the province of Alberta it amounts to 30.5%, in Quebec – 34.6%. "This ratio is close to the consumer expenses structure of the Russian population taken into consideration by the Federal Statistics Service to determine the consumer price indices. In them, food products make up 37–38%, non-food products — 35–36%, and services — 26–28%", - he specified.

According to the expert, it is evident that the structure and price of the consumer basket in different countries, and even in different regions of Russia, are influenced by a significant number of factors. It is therefore important to carry out an objective comprehensive analysis of the effect of these factors to develop new proposals.

Source: Izvestia

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