Standardization of AI Technologies will Increase the Innovative Capacity of Economy

31 july 2019 | ComNews

"Standardization of AI technologies will increase the innovative capacity of the economy," said Aleksey Shiryaev, an expert of the Analytical Center's Project Management Office for the Implementation of the Digital Economy program told to ComNews as he commented on the establishment of the Committee for Development of Russian Standards in the sphere of artificial intellect under the Russian Venture Company.

Aleksey Shiryayev
Aleksey Shiryayev
Department for Legal Expertise

Standards will allow us to unify the technologies used in creation of AI elements, and going forward this can result in reduction of expenses when creating products using AI, the expert believes. "Unification will enable combining AI elements to create a finished product and increase the innovative capacity of the economy. Standards may be used when ordering products under state procurements, when requirements to supplied goods, works and services are being established. The introduced standards will reduce costs of developing tender documents because the relevant requirements will be already integrated with the standard, and these standards will also facilitate acceptance of products," Mr Shiryaev said.

He noted that the problem of development of standards for the AI technologies to be emerged in the near future is the ultimate one. For example, for pilotless civil aircraft and pilotless vehicles. 

"The development of these technologies already puts a question on the requirements to be applied to such devices and digital products including to their safety, tamper resistance and protection from illicit use. Further, the standards can be referred to for the certification of AI-based products," he believes.

Shiryaev added that the establishment of a conceptual framework by the AI Committee will allow determining the technologies and characteristics which may be classified as artificial intellect. "To date, we still have no unified terminology, and it embarrasses practical work with the relevant technologies. Further on, regulations may be developed on the basis of these standards," he concluded.

Source: ComNews