Electronic Passports Will Make Life Easier for General Public

19 july 2019 | Vesti. Ekonomika

For example, digital passports allow people to get state services in India and Pakistan while in Germany they can be used to cross borders and as personal IDs.

Vladislav Onishchenko
Vladislav Onishchenko

"In China there is a comprehensive system of ID-cards that are used as personal identification. And currently a transition to smart phone apps is in full swing. In the US they use social security numbers instead of internal passports. In Germany, digital passports have the same status as paper ones. They're used to get state services and they also contain digital signatures," Head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onishchenko told in a live interview for Vesti.Economics.

According to him different countries address different problems through the introduction of digital IDs.

"In India or Pakistan government services can only be accessed with a digital passport. In Germany and other European countries the emphasis is on convenience of business transactions as well as border crossings and other situations where a person needs to be IDed," the expert explained.

Source: Vesti.Economics