In October, it will be possible to get court decision enforcement services online

17 july 2019 | ComNews

In October, a pilot project is being launched in the regions to offer digital court decision enforcement services. Svetlana Pavlova, an expert with the project management office for the implementation of the digital economy program of the Analytical Center, told ComNews about it.

Svetlana Pavlova
Svetlana Pavlova
Project Management Office for Implementing the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation Program

The super-service, developed as part of the Digital Economy program, will allow people to track the status of restrictions on leaving Russia, submit petitions and motions, and get other services through the on-line government services portal using a one-click procedure.

"The main goal of the new super services is to allow people and businesses to get government or municipal services online in a pro-active mode without having to submit a paper application and regardless of where they might be at the moment; in other words, the idea is to streamline the interaction between people and the government," Ms Pavlova stressed. 

The expert pointed out that the Project management office is currently seeing that, with regard to the preparation of documentation, the implementation of the program is slightly lagging behind the original targets, but the situation is not critical.

"Creating the super-services is a major comprehensive undertaking; therefore, at this stage, it's vital that we have a clear idea of what kind of outcomes we want to see in terms of the super-services, so as to take the provision of state, municipal and other services to a qualitatively new level. Offering comprehensive services for a variety of situations means that, first we need to put in place the requisite infrastructure, and for a number of such services that means we first need to create new systems and platforms, whereas in other cases we need to integrate the existing government systems and, where necessary, expand and refine them. In addition, in order to start offering the super-services, new regulations need to be developed as well, and this also requires that amendments be made to existing legislation (such as the Federal Law on the Organization of the Provision of Sate and Municipal Services) as well as to administrative procedures of specific ministries and government agencies," she noted.

The 25 proposed super-services that were approved in March by the presidium of the government commission for digital development are now being developed as part of the Digital State Governance federal project which is part of the Digital Economy national program. 16 of them have already been reviewed by the work group of the autonomous non-profit organization Digital Economy for the Digital State Governance project of the Digital Economy national program. The proposed Digital Court Decision Enforcement Services super-service was approved by the presidium of the government commission on July 11.

Source: ComNews