The World Appreciates AI as Absolute Advantage Factor

19 june 2019 | RBC-TV

In his live interview to RBC-TV, Vladimir Mesropyan, Head of the Analytical Center's Project Management Office for the Implementation of the Digital Economy Program, told about the trends which prompted Russia to join a global race for the artificial intellect development.

Vladimir Mesropyan
Vladimir Mesropyan
Project Management Office for Implementing the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation Program

The world appreciates the AI technology as a factor of absolute advantage, global competitiveness in the economy, military and social spheres, the expert stated.

"Why has Russia joined this race now? The world believes that AI technology is a factor of absolute advantage in the economy, military and social context. Now, this is the race of strategies and investments, and about 30 of them have been adopted over the recent years," Mr. Mesropyan said.

He pointed out two trends which prompted Russia to set about an artificial intellect development strategy.

"The first one is the accumulation of critical data array, their availability for teaching AI algorithms, opportunities for their general application in all spheres — from industry to service sector," Mesropyan noted.

The second trend relates to the growth of new IT technologies, including cloud solutions. "This allows us to integrate technological solutions into applied services."

The expert added that at the same time Russia does not axe away collaborations, and economic effects from the collaboration in AI development are expected in all sectors of economy as well as in social and management spheres. "Some basic research is impossible without unique computing capacities provided by international partnership," the official explained.

Mesropyan stresses that we must not be outside the orbit of the international efforts on standardisation of AI solutions. "We must join cooperation at the earliest stages in order to drive the development and adoption of these standards," he noted.

Source: RBC-TV