Tablet Usage Will Reduce Census Taking Time Per Household

29 march 2019 | Kommersant

In 2018, the Analytical Center took a share in the pilot population census when, as is known, various technologies were tested, including the Internet Census possibilities, said the Analytical Center's Deputy Head Tatiana Radchenko in conversation with the Kommersant's correspondent.

Tatiana Radchenko
Tatiana Radchenko
Deputy Head

"Usage of mobile devices (tablets) allowed us to cut several minutes from one household census time despite the fact that the tablets purchased by Rosstat in 2016 for an agricultural census, which became somewhat obsolete compared to modern models in the market, were used for that pilot census. But they still demonstrated the possibility to reduce the census time compared to the "paper-based" census," said Radchenko. 

The importance of digitization and utilization of modern technologies in implementation of large-scale and socially significant projects for the country is obvious. The expert reported that equipping all census takers with modern tablets for the 2020 Russian Population Census is now under consideration. "There were about 500 thousand census takers during the 2010 census, and in 2020 their number will be approximately the same. Accordingly, 500 thousand tablets will be purchased," she clarified. The total number of tablets, their specifications and functionalities, as well as their cost and possible suppliers will be determined on a competitive basis.

Among the tablet-based census taking advantages the expert listed shorter census form filling time, fewer errors in their filling, online data transmission to processing center, online monitoring of census taker's work, as well as reduction of the human factor impact.

Source: The Kommersant