The development of the digital economy must take into account the interests of Russians

25 february 2019 | TASS

The work to develop a digital economy in Russia was taken to a new level after it was given the status of a strategic national project. Vladimir Mesropyan, the Head of the Project Management Office of the Analytical Center for the Implementation of the Digital Economy Program, told TASS in an interview about the state of play with the development of infrastructure digital technologies in Russia and the digital transformation of state companies. He also explained which issues in the regulation of data processes are the most difficult to sort out.

Vladimir Mesropyan
Vladimir Mesropyan
Project Management Office for Implementing the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation Program

What is going on with the recommendations for state companies regarding the digital transformation? What's the progress so far with this document?

The development of recommendations on digital transformation continues apace, the Ministry of Communications in conjunction with the Ministry of Economic Development implement pilot projects in state corporations and in companies with state ownership from time to time with the idea that the results of such projects will be used to develop methodological recommendations.

The document will first and foremost define the role and authority of the Chief Digital Officer in the company as that person will be in charge of the digital transformation as well as the activities and principles needed to improve the efficiency of corporate management, modernize its business processes, including through projects based on the use of data.

A key element in the digital transformation project is the infrastructure digital technologies. By the middle of the year road maps for how to go about developing them should appear. What key parameters are they going to include?

If we're talking about the Digital Technologies national project, the road maps really are an essential element there. On the whole, the federal project is a set of tools for supporting projects, developing and introducing technologies for various market players like small startups, for medium sized technology companies and for major companies introducing digital solutions. We are going to launch the tools described in the federal project this year.

The road maps are a system of goal setting for the project. The road maps will spell out who we support and why we're doing it and what goals we're trying to achieve. As you noted, the development of the road maps must be completed by June of this year. We're currently at a stage where we're coming up with the rules for selecting the operators that will develop the road maps.

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