Cross-Cutting Technologies Will Get the State Support in the Amount of More Than RUB 20 bn in 2019

22 february 2019 | Prime

In particular, the funds will be spent on the development of research centers, the development and implementation of such technologies in Russia, and the subsidy of preferential loans. Prime Agency received this information from Vladimir Mesropyan, the head of the Project Office for the implementation of the Digital Economy national program of the Analytical Center.

Vladimir Mesropyan
Vladimir Mesropyan
Project Management Office for Implementing the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation Program

The state support of the development of cross-cutting technology projects in the Russian Federation will be more than RUB 20 bn in 2019. This sum includes the support of research centers, the technology development and implementation in Russia, and the subsidy of preferential interest rates for loans. The cross-cutting technologies include Big Data, distributed ledger systems, quantum technologies, new and production technologies, neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, robotic technology and sensory components, wireless communication technologies and augmented reality technologies.

According to Mesropyan, in 2019, they plan to create a line of tools that will allow to develop technologies and stimulate their implementation in the regions of the Russian Federation, as well as to introduce them to international markets. In particular, it is planned to give grants from the Small Enterprise Assistance Fund in the scientific and technology field, and nine leading research centers for digital technologies will be chosen and supported. The support will be provided for leading companies that develop global competitive services, products, and technologies.

"In 2019, more than RUB 4 bn will be intended to the support of nine research centers, RUB 2 bn will be intended to grants, support and development of specific products and services, and RUB 3 bn will be intended to the support of the Russian leading high-technology companies," he said.

It is planned to allocate extra RUB 1.7 bn to subsidize the preferential interest rate. "We aim at the rate of 5%. This year, RUB 1.7 bn will be intended to support banks that will introduce such preferential loan programs. All large systemically-important banks showed interest. Now the rules for such support provision are developed," he said.

About RUB 5 bn will be allocated separately to support the implementation of platform solutions in the regional sectors and projects as well as for specific digitalization projects.

Source: Prime

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