Superservices will help citizens in solving important life issues

7 february 2019 | ComNews

"The list of 25 superservices approved by the Presidium of the Government Commission on Digital Development has been prepared with reference to people's demand", Svetlana Pavlova, expert of the Analytical Center Project Office for the Implementation of the National Program "Digital Economy", said to ComNews.

Svetlana Pavlova
Svetlana Pavlova
Project Management Office for Implementing the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation Program

"The list was developed by the Ministry of Communications, focusing on criteria of people's demand and the results of discussions between the governmental authorities and the experts. After the meeting of the Presidium of the Government Commission, the Ministry of Communications was instructed to further work out and agree on a list of services with the concerned departments within two weeks", Ms Pavlova explained.

At the moment, according to the expert, the list consists of 25 life situations, but the work on its approval is in progress. This year, the work will start on the priority superservices, project teams will be formed for the preparation of roadmaps, and responsible authorities and officials will be identified.

The expert also noted the need to synchronize the work on optimization of public services and the creation of superservices with requirements for data management in public information systems, use of the e-government end-to-end digital platforms, as well as on making changes to legislation.

All this work will be organized within the framework of the Presidium of the Government Commission and the Interdepartmental Working Group on the architecture of basic information resources and data processing principles, created by Maxim Akimov. "The project office, for its part, is ready to participate in methodological work on creation of the superservices, as well as to escalate the issues of the public services and superservices road maps implementation to the level of the Deputy Prime Minister", Ms Pavlova noted. 

We will remind that earlier Vice Prime Minister Maxim Akimov held a meeting of the Presidium of the Government Commission on Digital Development. The participants approved the list of 25 superservices, which includes the following online services: registration of the European Protocol, digital enforcement procedure, disability assistance, labor relations, social support, pension, medical certificates and documents, registration of violations of traffic rules and  of public amenities regulations, registration and passport services, land for development, notification and appeal of fines, justice, filing applications to law enforcement agencies, digital permits for businesses, government support of business, business registration, digital construction, admission to universitie, paperless transportation of passengers and goods, digital documents of education, birth of a child, death of a relative, education in Russia for foreigners, labor migration and relocation to another region.

A dedicated digital transformation team will work on each of the 25 superservices. The superservices will start operating no later than 2021.

Source: ComNews