Contents of the Consumer Basket Need Revising

29 january 2019 | Izvestia

Analytical Center expert Vladimir Trubin told the Izvestiya that the need to revise the contents of the consumer basket is generally recognized; Mr. Trubin is a member of the work group charged with the task to update the standard.

Vladimir Trubin
Vladimir Trubin
Department for Social Policy

Mr. Trubin is of the opinion the consumer basket must be comprised not of emergency items intended for use in a crisis (that was the principle the current basket is based on) but rather of items that remain relevant over an extended period of time. "Probably given the differences between rural and urban lifestyles we might need to have 'rural' fixed sets and 'urban' fixed sets of consumer goods and services," the expert stressed. "But such an issue would require very careful consideration, decisions must be well-reasoned rather than being rushed."

Furthermore, Mr. Trubin believes that a medium-term program could be developed to gradually fill the consumer basket with additional goods and services as well as have it discussed publicly.

As of today the Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology has put forward its proposals regarding the minimal set of products that must be included in the consumer basket and presented them to the work group at the Ministry of Labor. The new consumer basket must have more meat, fish, cottage cheese and eggs while the amount of bread, vegetable fats, sugar and salt must be reduced.

Source: The Izvestiya

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