All the conditions for drastically improving the transport links between urban agglomerations are in place

2 october 2018 | Kommersant

The Ministry of Transport has submitted to the government a draft passport for the transport portion of the plan to modernize the truck road infrastructure. The implementation of the projects included in the plan is expected to increase the transport infrastructure quality index by 14.6% and make the population by 15% more mobile. The links between the so called centers of economic growth will also grow stronger: from 40 to 100% as a result of high speed road or rail lines opening as well as daily flights, Kommersant writes.

Vladislav Onishchenko
Vladislav Onishchenko

The term "Centers of Economic Growth" was first introduced in the Strategy for Spatial Development. It refers to urban agglomerations with populations of not less than 500 thousand people located in an area within two-hour travel time from the core, which are contributing over 1% to Russia's total GDP growth. 40 existing centers of economic development have already been identified with 20 having been deemed promising. Development of transportation and logistics links between them will help expedite economic growth, experts are confident.

Vladislav Onishchenko, Head of the Analytical Center, believes that the connectedness of agglomerations can be drastically improved if over the next 6 years "Safe and Good Roads" project will be implemented at the same time as the projects related to comprehensive development of truck road infrastructure. "These, first of all, are projects aimed at developing the automotive corridor between Europe and Western China as well as the North South corridor," he noted in a conversation with a Kommersant correspondent.

A significant contribution will be made by a system based solution to build roads circumventing major cities and to deal with bottlenecks on federal highways, Mr. Onishchenko added.

Source: Kommersant