Development of a digital economy is one of our most important projects

19 september 2018 | TASS

During the Eastern Economic Forum, Vladislav Onischenko, Head of the Analytical Center told a TASS correspondent about the work on the program "Digital Economy", development of the transport infrastructure in Russia and impact of sanctions on the country's economy.

Vladislav Onishchenko
Vladislav Onishchenko

"This year, the Analytical Center has dispatched a larger than usual delegation to the Eastern Economic Forum," Mr. Onischenko said. "To a large extent, this has to do with the fact that the tasks set for the Analytical Center after the change of government are largely the same as the main topics of the forum. I'm talking about the development of major transport links and transport infrastructure, digital economy and the implementation of national projects."

There have not been any fundamental changes in the tasks that the Analytical Center faces with today but a lot of them have been expanded upon and fleshed out with more details, he noted. "I don't think I could speak of a single task that we had before and that we don't have now. But there are some new tasks we have been assigned. For example, we have been introduced the project management office for the program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation". It's one of our most important projects." Other key tasks include general economic analysis issues, social policy issues, support of exports, antitrust and competition policies, energy and so on and so forth, there have not been any major changes, Mr. Onischenko stressed.

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