There Can Be No Communications Infrastructure in the Far East without State Financing

13 september 2018 | Gazeta.Ru

A sparse population and remote locations are the main obstacles to the development of infrastructure in the Far East and that includes communications infrastructure. "At the moment, it's primarily small towns that still don't have communications in the region," Gazeta.Ru quotes Vladislav Onischenko, Head of the Analytical Center, as saying at the Far Eastern Economic Forum. "Business won't be able to deploy communications there on its own without state financing."

Vladislav Onishchenko
Vladislav Onishchenko

Meanwhile the state understands that there are limits to its budget and so seeks to develop communications and the Internet in the region in partnership with private companies. "In terms of state financing we've come up against a simple fact: we don't really have that much money," Mr Onischenko admitted. According to him, it's difficult to fund investments in various industries without talking to each other.

As far as private business is concerned it's quite ready to join forces with state companies through concession agreements and various private public partnership schemes. Entrepreneurs are willing to join major infrastructure projects not just in communications but in any infrastructure such as transport or energy.

Source: Gazeta.Ru

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