A law on online notary services is to be passed in 2019

27 august 2018 | TASS

Notary services are to be expanded through digital economy, allowing Russians to remotely get a number of notary services, TASS reports. A special federal bill has already been approved by the experts of the work group on the standards and regulations of the digital economy of the Russian Federation program.

Vladimir Mesropyan
Vladimir Mesropyan
Project Management Office for Implementing the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation Program

Now that the bill has been approved by the work group, it will be submitted to the government. Vladimir Mesropyan, Head of the Analytical Center's Project Management Office for the Implementation of the Digital Economy Program, explained in an interview for TASS that the bill is to be submitted to the State Duma in Q1 2019 and it is to be signed into law in the spring of 2019.

"Expanding and spelling out the regulations of notary activities can be regarded as efforts to minimize the time that a person seeking notary services has to spend to get it, the people may even not have to show up at a notary office at all to get specific notary actions done on their behalf or to get the results thereof," Mr Mesropyan explained.

In the event the bill gets signed into law, it will be possible to certify the correctness of translations in electronic form. In addition, notaries will be able to hand over electronic documents, accept money deposits in electronic form, perform executive signatures in electronic form etc.

Source: TASS