Introduction of patents for self-employed individuals seems to be reasonable

21 may 2018 | Izvestia

The Ministry of Justice has agreed with the departments a bill on self-employed individuals, writes the Izvestiya newspaper. Self-employed individuals are to be required to pay contributions to the Pension Fund and the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund.

Vladislav Onishchenko
Vladislav Onishchenko
Deputy Head

"It is the most reasonable solution to introduce patents for self-employed individuals for they could make a single periodical payment", the first Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onischenko told the Izvestiya correspondent. "But there is risk that those self-employed individuals that are currently operating off the grid won't be motivated enough to go above board."

Mr. Onischenko believes that people should be offered some benefits that would make legalization of their operations more attractive.

The bill on self-employed individuals specifies the criteria for classifying people as self-employed. The document was developed on the instruction of Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. The Department proposed amendments to the law on Employment of the Population in the Russian Federation. The self-employed individuals are defined therein as natural persons involved in revenue generating activities independently and at their own risk. In addition, such activities shall be performed during the time they are not employed under any employment contract. Moreover, self-employed individuals should not be registered as sole traders.

Source: Izvestiya