People will be able to use the same public transport card to pay fares anywhere in the country

18 april 2018 | Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Passengers, including those that have benefits, will be able to use one transport card to pay for rides in any city in Russia, regardless of the regional differences in payment technologies, writes the Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Advisor to the Head of the Analytical Center Igor Ivanov told a Rossiyskaya Gazeta journalist about how this system might work.

Igor Ivanov
Igor Ivanov
Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

"A Russian citizen or a foreign tourist downloads a mobile app and links it to their bank card. The app then downloads regional or municipal data depending on how the local public transport system works, including a map of routes, timetables, the actual availability of public transport on specific routes, fares, passes, regional discounts and the like," Mr. Ivanov explained.

All that is left to the passenger, regardless of where they are is to identify the vehicle they are riding in so that the system can identify the transport company to pay money to and the fare to be charged to the passenger. Thus, under ideal circumstances, arriving in a different city, people will no longer have to figure out the local fares. "If they go on public transport once, they will be charged for a single ride, if they go 10 times, a discount will be applied automatically or they will get some of the money they paid in fares back, or say they are given three free rides, and if they go 50 times, they are issued a digital pass and can ride public transport free of charge until the end of the month," Mr. Ivanov stressed.

In order for the idea to be implemented at the very least amendments need to be made to the law on public transport (No. 220-FZ) and the regulations based on it. The law must demand that regional public transport standards be adopted and followed, and before that can happen a framework federal public transport must be developed, the article points out.

Speaking at the 3rd annual WECON forum “Innovative Payment Solutions for Transport in 2018” this February Mr. Ivanov announced that the work on the concept for a nation-wide public transport payment system would soon be completed. A draft concept is ready, draft amendments to Federal Law No. 220 have been prepared, work is underway on amendments to other industry regulations, a list of requirements for pilot territories for testing the concept has been compiled.

On the whole, experts are talking about an IT revolution in public transport.

Source: The Rossiyskaya Gazeta