The Territorial Development Strategy Must Include Industry and Infrastructure Priorities

17 april 2018 | TASS

Russia's territorial development strategy must include industry and infrastructure priorities that the regions of the country could use as guidelines, TASS writes citing Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov.

Mikhail Pryadilnikov
Mikhail Pryadilnikov
Deputy Head

"What we heard from everyone was that there are certain jobs that the federal government has to do. First of all, this means that there must be a territorial development strategy to identify industry and infrastructure priorities, which we currently don't have with the regions being sort of at a loss as to what's expected of them as a result," Mr. Pryadilnikov said during a round table on the implementation of the regional strategy priories at the Krasnoyarsk economic forum. Also, according to Mr. Pryadilnikov, cross-regional priorities must be defined in the strategy as well.

The work on the territorial development strategy is to be completed by late 2018. The document sets goals for the period until 2025 and aims to identify which competitive and specialization advantages each Russian region has, how to best tap the potential of each part of the country and make them attractive for business.

At the Implementation of the Regional Strategy Priorities round table, which was organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation during the Krasnoyarsk economic forum, also featured discussions about the socio-economic development and strategic planning priorities in the regions.

Source: TASS