Only Combining Diverse Measures Can Be Effective

23 march 2018 | RIA Novosti

Including charging stations for electric vehicles in the list of energy efficient equipment could help drive their popularity in Russia, according to Grigoriy Mikryukov, Head of the Department for Sectors of Economy of the Analytical Center.

Grigoriy Mikryukov
Grigoriy Mikryukov
Department for Sectors of Economy

The government has started work on a major program to promote electric vehicles. In the spring and summer, state support measures should be presented for the sector, similar to those that are already in place for the traditional automakers.

Mr. Mikrukov shared an opinion with a RIA Novosti correspondent that it is already clear now that only combining a variety of measures can ensure the desired effect, however, it's best to assess the effectiveness of such measures by looking at their outcome. "Today we can look at the experience of other countries, for instance in China they've been using a variety of tools and made some tangible progress, increasing the fleet of electric vehicles from 2 to 650 thousand in seven years," he said.

"The correct move under the circumstances would be to include charging stations in the list of energy efficient equipment. We won't see any significant decline in budget revenue because of that, but market players investing their own money in the sector will be given an additional incentive to develop this infrastructure," the expert believes. As for the popularization and promotion of demand, he continued, there is a diversity of mechanisms used in different countries that include free parking, dedicated lanes, stricter restrictions on car emissions, and subsidies.

"On the whole, if the prices of new electric vehicles remain high and only a small percentage of the population can afford them we won't see any notable  increase in the number of EVs on our roads," Mr. Mikryukov is convinced.

Photo: from open sources