Reform of Control and Supervision Activities Will Make Inspections More Effective

19 february 2018 | OTR

Revision of the control rules provided by control and supervision agencies is the essence of the work carried out by the priority program "Reform of Control and Supervisory Activities". Tumun Tsydypov, Deputy Head of the Project Office for the Implementation of the Reform of Control and Supervisory Activities, discussed measures for reducing pressure on business on air during the program Pravda, broadcast on the Public Television of Russia channel.

Tumun Tsydypov
Tumun Tsydypov
Project Management Office for Implementing the Reform of the Oversight and Supervision Function

Journalists are sure that it is becoming less profitable to engage in small business in Russia. Representatives of the authorities talk with amazing regularity about the need to support entrepreneurs, but in reality everything is exactly the opposite. Still, one of the main problems faced by businessmen is the constant supervision of controlling agencies. The actions of people in uniform increasingly lead to the closure of businesses and can even lead to imprisonment for entrepreneurs.

"The priority program of the reform of control and supervisory activities is designed to transform the archaic system of state control in many respects," explained Tsydypov. "For this purpose, large areas are being implemented by the program: introduction of a risk-based approach and performance evaluation are the new key performance indicators related to risk prevention being used by the control agencies. Major systemic work is being carried out to increase prevention in the practice of control agencies." According to an expert, the reform is designed to change entire cultural layers in the environment of control and supervisory agencies and inspectors, whose work should be supported by a system of regulatory and methodological tools.

Answering the question of whether the regulations in place for control and supervision are now systematized and synchronized, Tsydypov confirmed that the essence of the work lies in the revision of control rules provided by control and supervision agencies. "The problem with mandatory requirements is that, metaphorically speaking, this garden has been running wild for many years, and nobody has cleaned it up. We need a gardener who would update obselete norms, removing intersection and duplication."

Entrepreneurs complain that inspections do not improve the security of enterprises, and the reform is called upon to make these inspections more effective, Tsydipov emphasized.

Source: Public Television of Russia