In order to create a digital document processing system a platform is needed that would solve the relevant tasks in the most efficient manner

17 january 2018 | ECM-Journal

How do we choose a platform for the digital document processing system in one month? Analytical Center expert Anatoly Karpenko told ECM-Journal about the methodology that was developed specifically for that purpose.

Anatoliy Karpenko
Anatoliy Karpenko
Department for Information Technologies

"Statistically, state organization account for 25% of all the projects aimed at developing and introduction of digital document processing systems in Russia," Mr. Karpenko said. "There are dozens of platforms available in the market that document processing systems can be built upon and there are even more solutions available." According to the expert, it wasn't just the best platform that the Analytical Center was trying to choose from among this multitude but the best one among those that would solve our relevant tasks in the most efficient manner. Users of the future digital document processing system were identified for whom the selected solution would become the main automation tool, then assessment criteria were defined to select a software platform.

"We went through three stages in our study," Mr. Karpenko explained. "First we analyzed the document processing systems available in the market, and then we compiled an expanded list of platforms, studied analytical articles, expert reviews, visited fairs and seminars etc. In this way we reviewed about two dozen software platforms and products and excluded from our short list those that were obviously the wrong fit for us both in terms of technology and for other reasons (for example we excluded solutions based on foreign software packages).

At the second stage of the study we picked the most optimal solutions in terms of functional capabilities, positive experience of introduction in the public sector and overall cost of ownership. The last parameter, by the way, is never revealed by some vendors. Vendors usually just quote the purchase price. And later on it turns out that the cheaper platform is actually quite expensive to maintain." Five platforms were selected that were then assessed on the criteria we developed by the employees who are going to use the system and are directly involved in our business processes. Solutions for each business process were rated on a scale of one to five. The assessment was completed within one week.

"As a result each pilot project was assigned a single integrated score and based on our criteria the highest score was awarded to the Directum platform.  And that's the platform we decided to use to develop a full-fledged digital document processing system for the Analytical Center. Practice has shown that we made the right choice. The system proved to be easy to integrate with our business processes; it's got more than enough functionality, it's easy to use and flexible. The platform is constantly evolving while the price of ownership is quite affordable," Mr. Karpenko concluded.

Since the new digital document processing system of the Analytical Center first went on-line it has been expanded and modified after information was gathered about additional requirements and wishes of management as well as ordinary employees of the Analytical Center, the expert added.

Source: ECM-Journal

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