Russia has all prerequisites for creating a system of technological test sites

13 september 2017 | Oil and Gas Vertical

Oleg Kolobov, Expert of the Analytical Center, commented on the situation with creation of technological test sites in Russia to the Oil & Gas Vertical magazine. "The international experience in test sites development shows a significant role of the government, but this role may decrease over time," explains Mr Kolobov. "Government is critical for certification of developed technologies, protection of intellectual property, and provision with non-discriminatory access to test sites."

Oleg Kolobov
Oleg Kolobov
Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Besides, according to the expert, most of the funding can be provided by oil companies or institutional investors. Certain governmental funds for test sites' development are provided, but they may hardly be called sufficient. "For example, around RUB 1.9 bln were provided out of the federal budget to finance the first stage of operations at the Bazhenovsky scientific polygon (2016-2022). This is about 20 % of the total required amount," explains Mr Kolobov.

The analysts believe that Russia has all prerequisites for creating a system of technology polygons, but their development prospects will largely depend on the process of mainstreaming relevant legal framework and filling the legal vacuum.

Mr. Kolobov drew attention of the reporter to the fact that currently strong efforts are exerted to develop laws in the polygon creation area. Besides, priority projects of pilot polygons are selected and explored on the public-private partnership basis. De facto working polygons are currently the Alshachinskoye deposit in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Archinskoye deposit in the Tomsk Region. There is also the Bazhenovsky scientific polygon in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

"Special mention should be made of the Ashalchinskoye deposit development project. This is the only test site in Russia (although it is not a test site de jure) with a long period of operation," notes the expert. "The test site based on the Archinskoye deposit also actively develops, where subsoil users, educational institutions, scientific organizations and regional authorities by their joint efforts are forming a whole cluster to develop hard to recover oil reserve extraction technologies."

Source: Oil & Gas Vertical