Problems with power outages can be solved by upgrading equipment and introducing new technologies

8 september 2017 | Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Power and heat supplies to isolated territories of the Russian Federation, which comprise about 20 percent of the country's area, are 5–6 times more expensive for the resource providers, but even this does not guarantee continuous power supply, as the Rossiyskaya Gazeta correspondents write, referring to the energy bulletin of the Analytical Center.

Victoria Gimadi
Victoria Gimadi
Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Furthermore, the period of the power outage in such areas may reach 12–15 hours per day. “Problems with power outages can be solved by equipment modernization, introduction of new technologies for the consumer group, when such decisions are made by the resource provider, as well as at the level of individual consumers, when each consumer will put his own low-powered generation,” commented Victoria Gimadi, head of the Directorate for Fuel and Energy Economy of the Analytical Center.

Moreover, according to the expert’s opinion, possible solutions include not only modernization or building new energy sources, but raising energy efficiency level on the part of consumers as well. “The same instructions of the Government of the Russian Federation regarding development of the renewable energy sources (RES) microretail can eventually contribute to solving the problems, as they stimulate the segment development, and the development of the own generation can reduce power outages. The main limitation of all such measures is the high cost of the decisions being made,” said Ms. Gimadi.

Similar problems are seen abroad, notably in the Arctic part of Canada, New Zealand, Alaska, and Hawaii, the publication notes. Supporting measures include the same old subsidies, though targeted, as well as additional support for "green" energy through grants and cheap loans.