When implementing the Digital Economy program, synergy is going to be ensured

30 august 2017 | Kommersant

"The Government has decided how it is going to build the management system for its Digital Economy of Russia program," writes the Kommersant newspaper. "A new government resolution has assigned the functions of the project management office for the implementation of the program to the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation while a new autonomous non-profit organization called Digital Economy is to be established as the body in charge of creating work groups and competencies centers as well as interaction with business."

Evgeniy Kislyakov
Evgeniy Kislyakov
Deputy Head

Deputy Head of the Analytical Center and head of the project management office Evgeniy Kislyakov commented for Kommersant on how the two organizations are going to work together. "We are confident that synergy is going to be established through constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation between the project management office (the Analytical Center) and the Digital Economy non-profit during the implementation of the program," Mr. Kislyakov stated.

The project office at the Analytical Center will be supporting the work of the sub-commission on digital economy of the Governmental Commission for Information Technologies Intended to Improve the Quality of Life and the Conditions for Doing Business. Its functions will also include assessment of draft action plans to ensure their conformance to the goals of the program, monitoring of their implementation, and provision of methodological support. It will also be in charge of creating a digital interaction system for the participants of the program and for public relations with mass media.

Source: Kommersant