It is necessary to develop coal deposits in the Russian Far East

28 august 2017 | Russia - 24

According to experts, the export of Russian coal is beginning to grow. Thus, Russia is already among the top three coal suppliers to China, being outplayed only by its main competitors—Australia and Indonesia. "Our coal is quite competitive in terms of production costs, but the current center — the Kuzbass Region and the Kemerovo Oblast — is very remote from the ports both in the East and in the West," Irina Pominova, an expert of the Analytical Center, commented on this situation to the Russia 24 television channel.

Irina Pominova
Irina Pominova
Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

 "This urges the need to develop coal deposits in the Far East which will be closer to the center of world coal growth," believes the expert. In her opinion, this will significantly reduce the transportation leg.

Experts are sure that the expansion of the capacity of the ports in the Far East will serve to increase the supply of Russian coal to China. Indeed, China receives the main part of the coal by sea.

Experts say that the domestic coal wins at the expense of its quality and low price. Therefore, shipments to other countries — Turkey, Poland, Great Britain, and India — are also increasing.

Source: Russia 24