School Space to Transform to Meet New Challenges

16 august 2017 | Vechernyaya Moskva

Do the design and architecture of school buildings have an impact on the kids? How does school environment affect the process of education? In an architectural show on Vechernyaya Moskva (Night Moscow) TV network, Leading Advisor of the Analytical Center Inna Karakchieva talked about the creation of modern school buildings and the important role that the environment that a child is put in plays in tapping into their full potential.

Inna Karakchieva
Inna Karakchieva
Department for Expert Analytics

"School architecture is not just about buildings, it is about creating equal opportunities and ensuring that education system is accessible to all. After all, building new schools is what allows us to ensure that classes are taught at convenient times and meet a number of other modern requirements," Ms. Karachieva said as she answered questions put to her by the Night Moscow (VM) correspondent. "If we put a building that meets all modern requirements of both parents and their kids, we solve a whole host of problems, delivering quality, accessibility and uniformity of the learning environment."

Ms Karakchieva then talked about a survey that the Analytical Center recently conducted which was open for all to take part in. The findings showed that the opinions about the individualization of architectural designs for schools and day care centers were divided almost 50/50: 48% of the respondents said the same design should be used for all school buildings while 52% said each school building must be different. "Our opinion is that any design should be built around the purpose it is intended for. In addition, school space must not only meet modern requirements, but there must be enough room for transformation to meet new challenges."

Source: Vechernyaya Moskva