Shutdown of nuclear power plants in France can affect other countries

24 july 2017 | IA REGNUM

France's intention to develop a detailed road-map to cut back the share of nuclear power in the country's total energy balance is not yet going to have a major impact on the French power industry as whole. That is according to Analytical Center expert Anna Lobanova who gave an interview on the issue for IA REGNUM.

Anna Lobanova
Anna Lobanova
Department for Research Studies

"France is a major exporter of electric power. In 2016, it exported $2.2 billion worth of electric power or 0.4 % of the country's total exports. France is exporting electric power primarily to Italy, Spain, the UK, Switzerland, and Germany. The bulk of the exported electric power is generated by nuclear power plants whose shutdown, consequently, can affect other countries. At the same time, nobody is talking about an immediate closure of the power plants just yet; France's minister for Ecological and Inclusive Transition Nicolas Hulot made a statement saying that first of all a detailed road-map would need to be developed and that is going to take some time so it is too early to talk about the impact of this statement of intentions on the country's energy sector," the analyst believes.

According to Ms. Lobanova, new reactors cannot be brought online unless the old ones are closed down first. So, the first and foremost objective the French are looking to achieve is the shutting down of the old reactors, of which the first industrial reactor was connected to the grid in 1959.


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