Electronic Claims Submission System to Simplify Process of Addressing Law Enforcement Authorities

27 january 2017 | Avtoradio

Russia is to get a national crime database. The service will allow people to submit claims to police through the Internet and track their progress online. Currently, information is being kept track of using paper files filled out by hand. Auto Radio quotes Yuri Ammosov, Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center, who believes that the digital system will significantly simplify the work of law enforcement authorities but that in some situations it will be of no use.

Yuri Ammosov
Yuri Ammosov
Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

“The digital claim submission system will first and foremost significantly simplify the process of holding inquiries for the police and, secondly, it will make it easier for victims of crimes to contact law enforcement authorities. But the main problem which even Peter the First was aware of is that once you start accepting anonymous claims, a lot of false claims start coming in and people begin taking advantage of the system to take revenge against each other. And in this case, when we have a claim filed through some kind of an online database, it is going to be anonymous by definition. So some kind of an electronic signature will have to be implemented, or registration through the state services portal or some other way to identify the claimants. In some situations, the only way to report a crime is anonymously, but we can not use this database for those cases,” the expert said. 

The Justice Department plans to complete the development of the crime database by the year 2022, TASS reports.

Source: Avtoradio