New US President Is Carefully Attempting To Establish Relations With Army, Civil Community, and Media

25 january 2017 | TV Channel "TVC"

In the US and elsewhere people are watching closely as the President elect Donald Trump appoints key figures in his new administration. All through the election campaign the new leader was at loggerheads with both the military and security forces and the press. Leonid Grigoriev, Adviser to Head of Analytical Center, talked about the situation in the US in the "Sobytiya. 25 chas" ("Events. 25th Hour) program aired on the "TV Center" channel.

Leonid Grigoryev
Leonid Grigoryev
Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

The crackup in the American society is quite obvious, according to the expert, as the public has clearly divided into those who support the new President and those who oppose him. "As for Donald Trump himself, he noted in his speech that he got the votes of the military and the majority of the white population of the country. In the meantime, some intellectuals are still hugely irritated by some of the things he said earlier," Mr. Grigoriev said. It is important to note that there were no widespread riots during the inauguration; people generally remained calm, the analyst noted.

The expert also believes that Mr. Trump got into gear quite quickly: he made some key appointments in the law enforcement agencies and repealed the Trans Pacific Partnership.

"Trump's inauguration drove up the stock prices, so now the tantrums the media keep throwing stand in stark contrast to how many people voted for him and how the financial markets responded to his win and inauguration," Mr. Grigoriev said. The new US president is deliberately working get on good terms with the military, the people and the media, the expert is convinced.


17-18 January, Leonid Grigoriev took part in the US-Russia-China Trilateral Dialogue conference that took place in Washington; thus, he was able to oversee the situation in the US capital and the atmosphere surrounding the inauguration.