‘Proyektniy Olimp’ (Project Olympus) Continues To Gain Popularity

25 january 2017 | Project and Program Management

Analytical Center experts Iliya Vinokurov and Yuri Trubitsyn penned an editorial on project management in the public sector for the Project and Program Management magazine.

Iliya Vinokurov
Iliya Vinokurov
Department for Project Management in the Public Sector

2-3 November, 2016 the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation hosted the traditional conference on the use of project management in the public sector, which included an award ceremony for the victors in the ‘Proyektniy Olimp’ ( Project Olympus) contest. For the first time the contest was held in 2014, and now we can look back at the progress that has been made and assess some of the general trends that have been taking shape in public sector project management recently.

The number of participants in the ‘Proyektniy Olimp’ is constantly growing: in 2016 the contest had 4 times as many participants as it did in 2014. The trend towards more participants from the regions continues as well - in 2016 applications were submitted from 54 regions of Russia. The experts note a significant increase in the number of participants from the eastern regions of Russia - there has been a 2-fold increase in participants from the Urals and the Far East as well as a 3-fold increase in participants from Siberia. Even though the total number of participants from those regions equals the number of participants from central Russia, experts believe the overall trend is positive.

It is also important to note that in 2016 the contest went international: this time around representatives of the public authorities and state companies from Kazakhstan not only took part in the contest but even finished in top places.

More than 600 people registered for the final conference on the use of project management in the public sector. The conference offers one of the largest venues in Russia for discussing project management.

In 2017 the Project Olympus contest will be held for the 4th time. The organizers expect to see more participants from Russia and other countries, more nominations having to do with the implementation of projects focusing on priority development areas for the country as well as nominations dealing with the use of agile project management technologies in the public sector, as well as more active participation in the process by the recently established regional and ministerial project management offices.

You can read more about the contest in the magazine