Corporate Education Has Bright Future

27 december 2016 | RZHD TV

"Corporate training is one of the development trends in education," said Irina Karakchieva, Chief Adviser of Department for Social Policy of the Analytical Center. "Speaking of this sphere, we mean the possible development of the whole educational system — from early childhood education, i.e. corporate kindergartens, to the training and retraining system for personnel of the industry."

Inna Karakchieva
Inna Karakchieva
Department for Expert Analytics

According to the expert, such systems of corporate training have already been implemented in many Russian companies, including Russian Railways, Rosatom and some financial companies. There are high expectations about this kind of education, since it allows one to get a pre-profile training, make their career choice, and get specialized education as well as the opportunity to realize their potential. "At the same time, the company may form a pool for further innovative development," added Ms. Karakchieva. For more details, follow the link for an interview for RR TV.