Analytical Center Supports and Promotes PM standard

20 december 2016 | Radio Mediametrics

Head of the Department for Project Management in the Public Sector Ilya Vinokurov and Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center Yuri Turbitsyn answered questions put to them by the host of “Practice, Forecasts, Solutions” program on Radio Mediametrics. “Project management at the state level began to be implemented about 10 years ago when state programs were created, which, even though they did not apply project management in the classical sense, laid a very important foundation of the basic definitions that are now used by the state authorities, such as “project”, “project management”, “project management methods,” started the dialogue Ilya Vinokurov.

Iliya Vinokurov
Iliya Vinokurov
Department for Project Management in the Public Sector

According to the expert, the very first “Projektniy Olimp” (Project Olympus) contest showed that there was a lot of interest in project management among various government bodies, especially in the regions - “local executive authorities want to meet their goals on time while delivering the qualitative tasks accomplishment and controlling the use of their resources.”

The expert noted, not without a tinge of pride, that most of the staff now employed by the federal project management offices are the assessors of the Project Olympus contest. Every year the number of participants increases and more projects are submitted to the contest, and this trend is going to continue, given the publicity and interest shown towards the project management in the government.

Replying to the host request, Mr. Vinokurov cited some examples of existing project management offices, which were primarily winners of the Project Olympus contest which got the recognition they deserved. “Project management offices, especially in the regions (Belgorod, Kaluga, Khanty-Mansiysk, Leningrad oblast and others), are being set up and some of them are already in operation and getting tangible results. Our colleagues at the federal project management office are working hard on developing the required regulations and methodological recommendations, similar regulations and recommendations will have to be developed at the regional level,” Mr. Vinokurov believes. According to the expert, lack of specialists is a serious problem.

“The Analytical Center supports and promotes the project management standard for which there is a lot of demand at the moment in terms of the training of specialists for project management offices. the Analytical Center also serves as the regional center for PM standard certification,” Mr. Vinokurov said. “The Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration has also organized a competencies center that is now developing specialist certification programs that are soon going to be in great demand.”

Mr. Trubitsin talked on-air about the standards of project management and certification of PM Specialists, touching upon the qualifications for assessors. “This year we will create a Club of assessors providing a special set of events,” Mr Turbitsin said.

Source: Radio Mediametrics