Russia Gets Heat Supply Strategy

14 december 2016 | FederalPress

“I am optimistic about the future because we have now got a heat supply strategy to complement the government’s actions. The new strategy has a lot of the points we discussed 5-6 years ago,’ said the Analytical Center expert Evgeny Gasho, commenting on the situation in this sector of the economy for an IA Federal Press agency correspondent.

Evgeny Gasho
Evgeny Gasho
Department for Expert Analytics

According to Mr. Gasho, heat supply experts have for a long time claimed that the way to save the industry was not through higher rates and more regulation but through gradual improvement. “I think we have had a positive breakthrough between last year and this year,” Mr Gasho noted. ”There is a lot of variation from region to region, in Yekaterinburg, for example, things seem to be going ok. The situation with heat supply is also favorable a number of regions in the Urals and stable in the northern cities.”

What is important now is to tell people about these positive examples, to share success stories and experience and to discuss optimal ways to supply heat in Russia, the analyst believes.

Source: FederalPress