Up to 30-40% of Power Saved or Over-Consumed Does Not Depend on Light Sources

23 november 2016 | Rossiyskaya Gazeta

What are the accompanying conditions that affect the lighting inside buildings and how can apartment owners save on light? Those are the questions that the Analytical Center expert Evgeni Gasho talked about with a Rossiyskaya Gazeta correspondent.

Evgeny Gasho
Evgeny Gasho
Department for Expert Analytics

“The measures to improve the efficiency of lighting have been implemented in our country by stages since 1970-1980,“ Mr. Gasho pointed out. “Those included new generations of light emitting devices as well as special design solutions to make rooms feel more full of light (special paints and wall surfaces), requirements on window sizes and barriers to sunlight (trees and other buildings).” The expert believes that the requirements that we have in Russia remain the most progressive in the world to this day in terms of ensuring the sufficient amounts of light inside buildings. “They even prevent some construction companies from putting 26-storey residential towers right next to each other,“ Mr. Gasho stressed.

The new generations of lamps (not necessarily light diodes) solve various problems, Mr. Gasho explained. The main idea is to use lamps that offer specific functionality as part of specific solutions like lighting classrooms and hospitals, lighting inside closets and halls, lighting for stadiums and motorways. Apart from the source of light itself, the accompanying conditions (the color used on the walls and others) can generate additional 30-40% of savings or the same amount of overconsumption.

“By the way, the incandescent lamps that we used in our homes were not really that inefficient: 90% of their energy went on heating the room and as soon as people started switching to new types of laps they immediately noticed that,” Mr. Gasho noted. So when it comes to lighting solutions, what we need to be focusing on is not a specific type of lighting devices but a whole project with a target (maximum) price per lux (unit of lighting) in a room or in an open area. And then our projects will be based on requirements not just for specific lighting devices but for everything else as well, the expert is sure.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta