Applying best available technologies at power generating facilities will help the economy

17 october 2016 | EnergoRynok

Expert with the Analytical Center Oleg Kolobov spoke in an interview to EnergoRynok magazine about how implementation of the best available technologies results in increased environmental and economic effectiveness of enterprises, thus enhancing, in turn, their competitiveness.

Oleg Kolobov
Oleg Kolobov
Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Mr. Kolobov, just how topical is application of the best available technologies for Russian power companies?

- Using the best available technologies (BAT) is currently quite topical for all Russian production facilities, including power-generating ones, considering the severe depreciation of equipment and fixed assets that we have in this country. The point is rather that the process of implementation of the best available technologies is often perceived as something associated solely with environmental protection, but, in truth, it is a truly comprehensive process and is one of the key trends in the industrial policy development. Admittedly, the best available technologies are primarily environmental policy tools; however, their environmental purpose - reducing the negative environmental impact – is achieved through production modernization. For all that, transition to using the BAT first of all envisages implementation of technologies preventing environmental pollution, thanks to the more efficient use of raw materials and energy resources (cost-effective use of resources and enhancing the energy efficiency of production). Specific energy consumption figures per ton of output are often deemed to be the key characteristics of the BAT that are stipulated in relevant reference sources. The result is that implementation of the BAT leads to increased environmental and economic effectiveness of enterprises, thus enhancing their competitiveness.

Furthermore, applying the BAT at Russian power-generating facilities will have a substantial positive impact on the country’s economy in general. Power generation is an absolutely vital branch of economy.  Electric energy is, therefore, an essential commodity and a key energy resource for the modern economy – hard pressed would you be to name any goods or services the production of which would not involve electric energy (whether in the form of illumination, various electric equipment or appliances). The technological energy chain therefore implies a substantial multiplicative effect of enhanced efficiency of power-generating facilities for the entire economy in terms of their use of natural resources, since the higher the energy efficiency is at the beginning of the technological chain, the more efficient the entire chain is.

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