It would be problematic to limit the use of automobiles that fail to meet high environmental standards

2 september 2016 | Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Rossiyskaya Gazeta concludes that the Euro-4 gasoline is a thing of the past now. Answering a question from correspondents, the Deputy Head of the Department for Sectors of Economy Grigoriy Mikryukov noted that the differences between the Euro-4 and the Euro-5 gasoline standards have to do with the content of heavy additives such as sulfur or heavy metal salts, so the use of higher standard gasoline is going to reduce the amount of some harmful emissions by earlier generation motor vehicles while making their engines last longer.

Grigoriy Mikryukov
Grigoriy Mikryukov
Department for Sectors of Economy

"Since everybody is interested in reducing emissions, the first thing that everybody is doing is imposing restrictions on the manufacture of motor vehicles that do not meet specific environmental criteria. Banning the use of old motor vehicles could in theory also bring about a reduction in overall emissions. However, restricting the use of motor vehicles that do not meet current standards would be highly problematic in both legal and economic terms," said Mr. Mikryukov.

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