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19 october 2016 Gudok
Svetlana Ganeeva

Svetlana Ganeeva Deputy Head

It is important for us that the findings of the survey truly reflect the public opinion
Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Svetlana Ganeeva told a Gudok correspondent about a survey of commuter transport passengers and the first conclusions that the analysts are drawing 10 days after the survey started.
18 october 2016 RT
Denis Ershov

Denis Ershov Department for International Cooperation

Investors take an interest in Russia’s agricultural sector
“There is a new trend in the investment markets we are seeing now: investors are preferring to invest in agricultural programs in the neighboring countries. For example, China is the main contender for the role of the biggest investor in new agrarian projects in the Far East, while Vietnam spent USD 500 million last year to build ‘milk’ infrastructure in Moscow region in 2015,” Denis Ershov, Head of the Department for International Relations of the Analytical Center, told RT. The expert believes this is evidence that foreign investors are taking an interest in Russia’s agricultural sector.
18 october 2016 "Kompaniya"
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Strategic Studies in Energy

Raw materials base in Yakutia will boost competition in the gas domestic market
Russia’s largest independent natural gas producer Novatek plans to radically expand the regions it operates in by exploring new natural gas deposits in Yakutia.
17 october 2016 EnergoRynok
Oleg Kolobov

Oleg Kolobov Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Applying best available technologies at power generating facilities will help the economy
Expert with the Analytical Center Oleg Kolobov spoke in an interview to EnergoRynok magazine about how implementation of the best available technologies results in increased environmental and economic effectiveness of enterprises, thus enhancing, in turn, their competitiveness.
14 october 2016 Russia - 24
Leonid Grigoriev

Leonid Grigoriev Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

Key players in the oil market must use their capacities wisely
Oil prices have gone past USD 50 a barrel. However, experts do not think it is likely that the price of oil will return to USD 80-90 a barrel unless there is some major economic crisis or a military conflict. The prices rose on the news of the emergency at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant and the disintegration of Libya. If those things had not happened, the shale revolution would not have happened at this scale,” believes Chief Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center Leonid Grigoriev.
13 october 2016 IA REGNUM
Aleksander Martynyuk

Aleksander Martynyuk Department for Strategic Studies in Energy

Russia and Iran are competing in Turkey’s NG market today
Russia and Turkey have recently signed an intergovernmental agreement on the Turkish Stream pipeline Despite being a direct competitor to Gazprom in the Turkish market, Iran has welcomed the Russo-Turkish agreements, saying it was not important who was going to supply gas to Turkey because it needed additional energy. “The Turkish natural gas market is the main market for Iran. However, by 2020 Iran may manage to start NG deliveries to other Middle Eastern countries,” the Analytical Center expert Alexander Martynyuk commented on the situation for a REGNUM correspondent.
5 october 2016 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Aleksander Martynyuk

Aleksander Martynyuk Department for Strategic Studies in Energy

Small nuclear power plants will help supply energy to remote territories
More and more countries are pinning their hopes on small nuclear reactors that are soon going to be able to compete with power plants utilizing other kinds of fuel. Russia is no exception: it is currently leading the global technological development in this domain, even though only four types of such reactors are in use in Russia today. In the future as they are deployed to new territories, small nuclear reactors will help supply electricity and heat to isolated and much less populated areas of the country. That is the conclusion that Analytical Center experts make in the new issue of their energy bulletin.
3 october 2016 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Strategic Studies in Energy

The agreements on freezing oil production are not as certain as we would like them to be
At a meeting in Algeria, members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries cited a specific daily oil production which they intend to keep to. The cartel decided to produce between 32.5-33 million barrels a day. The stock markets and commodity exchanges rallied at first but then began to correct downwards. Analysts think the market has its doubts about the power of the OPEC.
20 september 2016 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Strategic Studies in Energy

New taxation model focused on financial result is being formed for the oil and gas sector
Expert of the Analytical Center Alexander Kurdin has his own column in Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The expert discusses whether the new taxation model is helpful in budgetary deficit elimination.
15 september 2016 Russia - 24
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Strategic Studies in Energy

We need a process for getting rid of the old oil stocks
Russia and Saudi Arabia have decided to coordinate efforts in the global oil market. Until very recently, it seemed like this partnership, which still exists in theory only, would simply have been impossible. However, reality is pushing oil exporting nations to look for new ways to stabilize the market.