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Aggravated Relations between Russia and Turkey will Negatively Influence Cooperation in Agribusiness

'RIA Novosti' asked experts what consequences aggravated relations between Russia and Turkey in the field of agriculture would carry, assuming that Turkey would have to seek grains more expensive and of lower quality, and Russia would face the need to replace significant amounts of vegetables and fruits. Experts largely confirmed these assumptions: this break in the food supply will have negative consequences for both countries.

‘The total of Russian exports to Turkey cocerning wheat, corn and sunflower oil in 2015 amounted to about $1.4 billion. Russian grains are generally cheaper and yet of sufficiently high quality. They are essential for the Turkish flour-milling industry, products of which are exported to Asian markets,’ 'RIA Novosti' quotes Elena Razumova, the Expert of the Analytical Center.

  • 26 november 2015
    It is Technology that makes Hard-to-Recover Oil Resources Accessible
    ‘Oil and gas will keep Russian economy afloat for several decades, but never again will they be drivers of growth, for several reasons,’ said Gennady Shmal, the President of the Union of Oil & Gas Producers of Russia, at the round table ‘Current Demands of the Oil and Gas Sector in Development of Hard-to-Recover Resources’ which was held at the Analytical Center. During the event experts discussed changes in the current system of economic incentives for development of hard-to-recover oil and gas reserves, introduction of new systems of subsoil use, development of a test sites’ system and certification centers.
  • 25 november 2015
    We Aim at Creating New Strategic Plans Not Correcting Old Ones
    The Conference 'Project management - an element of corporate culture of executive power’ was held within the 6th Economic Forum ‘Innovations. Business. Education - 2015’ which took place in Yaroslavl with support of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • 25 november 2015
    Antimonopoly Compliance to be Included in the 5th Antimonopoly Package
    During the Round Table ‘Antimonopoly Compliance: Current Practices and Prospects of Development’ which took place at the Analytical Center representatives of executive authorities, expert and business communities discussed the viability and the possible design of the definition and features of antimonopoly compliance, requirements which can be operated upon its content and procedures, the possible basis for sanctions’ easing.
  • 24 november 2015
    Method for Creating High-Performance Workplaces to become More Realistic
    In order to overcome the crisis and turn to sustainable economic growth it is necessary to multiply increase the number of new high-performance workplaces which, on the one hand will correspond with modernization trends, and on the other will increase prosperity of citizens and payments to the tax system.
  • 23 november 2015
    Assessing Education Quality
    The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration with support of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation held a Conference ‘Comparative Assessment of State and Projected Growth of Regional Education Systems.’
  • 23 november 2015
    The Russian Far East and Eastern Siberia to Determine Russia’s Economic Growth
    The Russian Export and Investment Forum REIF took place at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation. Representatives of foreign companies and organizations involved in development and promotion of trade took part in the event. The Forum is a platform for cooperation of Russian and foreign potential business partners, expansion of exports of goods to the international market and attracting profitable investments in successful business projects.
  • 18 november 2015
    New Guidance Document to Adjust Existing GOSTs
    A Conference 'Adaptable Methods in State Projects' took place at the Analytical Center; possibilities of creating modern, high-quality and functional IT products in state projects using best international practices in the field of software development processes (Agile, Lean), creating its quality (Quality assurance and Quality engineering) and flexible management of IT infrastructure (DevOps) were discussed.
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