27 march 2015

The Analytical Center, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Open government hold seminars on "open data"

The Analytical Center in conjunction with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Open Government held the first event of a series of training seminars on "open data". Participants discussed general requirements for placement and publication of information, as well as main trends of the development of open data in the world.
  • 24 march 2015
    Experts discuss mechanisms of support for renewable energy in isolated territories
    The roundtable "Tariff regulation and RER development in isolated and remote energy systems" took place at the Analytical Center. Experts discussed the need to take into account features of the RER projects, as well as the possible impact of the legislative changes on prospects of development of energy based on renewable resources.
  • 23 march 2015
    Russia needs to develop transit potential
    "The main priority for the Russian Federation is the international transport corridor towards the north-west of China, through Kazakhstan, Russia, and to the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, Scandinavia," said Mikhail Nizov, the Head of the Directorate for Transport Economics of the Analytical Center, speaking at the Forum of business leaders of the CIS countries.
  • 23 march 2015
    It is necessary to consume more energy for industrial growth
    An article by the expert of the Analytical Center Evgeny Gasho "Improving energy efficiency and regional development: industrial aspect" was published in journal "Regional energy and energy efficiency"
  • 19 march 2015
    Project management is being developed in regions
    Pavel Shestopalov, the Head of the Directorate for Project Management in the Public Sector of the Analytical Center, spoke at the enlarged meeting of the working group "Project Office for the implementation of project management in executive bodies of the Penza region."
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21 april 2014
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