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When It Comes to Digital Co-Operation Russia Draws On the Experience of Europe and Asia

The Analytical Center discussed the development prospects for international cooperation in information and telecommunication technologies. At the workshop, the experts formulated methods for regulating trans-border markets in digital economy and e-commerce and talked about the possibilities of creating a common digital space through integration.

“We are seeing quite a few global integration processes and international discussions happening at the moment, but in our opinion, they do not always get put in practice at the national level. The decisions made between countries often go through a difficult integration process inside the country, because internal processes are often given priority over international ones,” believes the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vasily Pushkin.

  • 27 june 2016
    On the agenda today: training human resources for new industries
    “The state policy for the development of the country’s export potential and the state import substitution policy are closely interrelated and yet there are significant differences between them. Increasing the country’s export potential is directly related to the development of science and technology as well as creation of new industries and training highly skilled labor to fill vacancies in those new industries,” said the Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva speaking at a conference titled Practical Mechanisms for Attracting Private Investments to Research and Development.
  • 27 june 2016
    The Analytical Center invites to take an online survey
    From 27th June through 15th August the Analytical Center invites representatives of industrial organizations to take part in a survey on import substitution problems in the fuel and energy sector and related industries.
  • 27 june 2016
    Economic Growth Depends on Resurgence in Investments
    “There are several things that make the current economic downturn in Russia different. Specifically, the general unemployment rate remains low (in Moscow and Moscow oblast it stands at just 2%) but the real purchasing power of the population is falling due to inflation as pay remains constant in nominal terms only,” said Chief Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center Leonid Grigoriev, speaking at a conference of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Franco-Russian Analytical Center Observo “Economic Situation in Russia: Trends and Forecasts.”
  • 24 june 2016
    Experts Analyze Guide Apps Based on Open Data
    Moscow, Krasnodar, Saint Petersburg, Tula, and Perm are prepared for the tourist season: open data were used to develop apps that serve as virtual guides to these cities. The Analytical Center and the Infometr project center have analyzed the apps, assessing their functionality, accuracy, and relevance of the information they provide, ease of use, and ease of installation as well as other parameters and information quality criteria.
  • 24 june 2016
    The competitive environment in the natural gas markets helps reduce competition between different kinds of fuel
    “Reliability and availability are the key aspects of competitiveness of natural gas when it comes to competition between different kinds of fuel, and both aspects are ensured by competition in the natural gas markets,” said the Head of the Department for Strategic Studies in Energy of the Analytical Center Alexander Kurdin, presenting a report on Developing Competition and Competitiveness of Europe’s Natural Gas Sector at the conference titled Prospects of Energy Cooperation between Russia and the EU in Berlin. Natural Gas Aspect.
  • 24 june 2016
    Mechanisms for ensuring network cooperation need improvement
    The Analytical Center has discussed optimization of the organizational and management mechanisms in education that are used when implementing network cooperation models. The experts analyzed some Russian and foreign cases, identified problems and risks and suggested options for improving existing regulations.
  • 23 june 2016
    The Analytical Center Assesses How Active Regional Heads are in Promoting the Development of Competition
    The Analytical Center experts have rated regional heads on how much effort they put in to help promote competition in 2015. It’s the first time that efforts to promote competition by regional heads have been independently assessed on the basis of reports on the implementation of the provisions of the Competition Development Standard provided by regional governments. Assessment was carried out on the basis of 2 key indicators: the number and effectiveness of measures implemented by local governments to promote competition. The rating was topped by Voronezh oblast, Nizhny Novgorod oblast and Khabarovsk Krai. At the bottom of the list are Ingushetiya, Rostov oblast, Tver oblast and the republic of Crimea, TASS reports citing the document.
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