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RSS 21 june 2018

Business is Interested in Defining Stable Long-Term Rules of the Game

The draft law prepared by the Ministry of Finance simplifies reporting for businesses through implementing a single window system to file documents and eliminating the need to double them. Analytical Center Expert Anton Steshenko told how the Government was reducing administrative burden on the business in a live interview to RBC TV.

Commenting on the draft law, the expert called it an important element of wider efforts to create a new digital ecosystem of relationship between the state and business. "First of all, we need to reduce administrative burden and delays relating to regulatory mechanisms, inspections, issue of documents, and preparation of reports," said the expert.

The survey of entrepreneurs carried out by the Analytical Center showed that 60% of business representatives complained about rapidly changing requirements of regulatory authorities. According to the analyst, these data suggest that businesses want and for a long time are ready to switch, first, to a distant digital format of relationship and, second, they are ready to establish a long-term policy. "We see the demand, first of all for defining stable long-term rules of the game so that the regulatory policy does not change too often," said Mr. Steshenko.

  • 21 june 2018
    Expert discuss the development of the BRICS nations
    The Analytical Center has hosted a round table on the BRICS nations, their development stages and traps they are facing, during which experts reviewed the economic growth models used in the various BRICS nations, discussed the challenges and development prospects of their energy sector, features of their social structure and opportunities for cooperation in science and education.
  • 19 june 2018
    Russia Needs to Develop Modern Production of Rolled Stainless Steel Sheets
    "Today we're going to talk about the existing options for the development of stainless steel production in Russia, seeing that the situation we now have in this industry is rather controversial. Stainless steel producers are insisting that in the current conditions stainless steel production makes no economic sense as getting the products to market is impossible.
  • 18 june 2018
    Individual Approach to Passengers Prevails in Russian Transport Industry
    Igor Ivanov, adviser of Head of the Analytical Center, shared information about international and Russian trends of transport information system development during the conference "Digital Industry in Industrial Russia" CIPR-2018, which took place in Kazan.
  • 15 june 2018
    Experts discussed the development of electric vehicles
    "Analytical Center experts conducted a study and came up with 3 possible scenarios for the global development of e-vehicles until 2035: in the baseline scenario 190 million e-vehicles are to have been manufactured by 2035, in the optimistic scenario: 300 million and in the pessimistic scenario: 70 million," said the head of Research at the Department for the Fuel and Energy Sector of the Analytical Center Alexander Kurdin, opening a round table on the impact of the development of electric transport around the world and on the fuel and energy sector in Russia.
  • 15 june 2018
    Analytical Center experts took part in CIPR-2018 conference
    The Analytical Center became a content partner of the the conference “Digital Industry of Industrial Russia 2018” (CIPR) held on June 6-8 in Innopolis.
  • 13 june 2018
    2017 saw growth in real retail sales of all goods across all the regions of Russia
    In 2017, the population of Russia continued to adapt to the consequences of the inflationary shock of 2015. Retail sales in 2017 grew slower than the reported real household income, the experts note in their new bulletin on the current rends in the Russian economy titled Consumer Demand: Regional Differences.
  • 9 june 2018
    There Needs to Be a Comprehensive Approach to the Creation of a Safe Childhood System
    "Russia is a global leader in the state policy of child safety. Official statistics suggest that in the past 5 years the number of children in our country has gone up by 12%, while over the past 10 years the number of orphans has fallen 3-fold, meanwhile 80% of the challenged children are involved in preschool education and in other programs," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva speaking at the 12th National Forum titled The Nation's Health is the Foundation for a Flourishing Russia in a discussion titled A Decade of Childhood: Objectives, Priorities, Prospects.
13 june 2018
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Consumer Demand: Regional Differences
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