1 july 2015

Transport System Needs Harmonious Integration and Proper Regulators

“The goal of our round table is to analyze the level of cooperation between different transport departments and different means of transport in the transportation system and to come up with proposals on how to make management of the transport system more effective,” Adviser to the Department for Sectors of Economy of the Analytical Center Mikhail Nizov said as he opened the round table on systems for interdepartmental cooperation and management in transport.
  • 1 july 2015
    Energy Sector in Search for New Resources
    When oil was selling at USD 100 per barrel, investing in oil exploration was a simple and straightforward affair: drill as much as possible in a hope for staggering corporate revenues and lots of taxes for governments. However, payment balance shocks and clearly “excessive” revenues of oil exporters prompted the creation of a consumer market. The defining moment was when emphasis began to be made on energy efficiency and energy conservation and when industry began to turn increasingly way from oil and natural gas towards renewable energy. To that end subsidies were allocated to renewable energy and development of new technologies. Now things are a lot more complicated than before, experts say.
  • 1 july 2015
    Analytical Center Prepares a Review of Open Data Sector
    The Analytical Center is taking an active part in the development and introduction of open data in Russia. Its experts have prepared a newsletter on open data that looks at foreign practices, issues and problems with regulating open data in Russia and discusses the goals that government bodies can achieve through an open data policy.
  • 30 june 2015
    Government Programs Portal Getting Better
    The Analytical Center hosted a round table on the current state and development prospects of Russian government-sponsored programs portal.
  • 30 june 2015
    In 18 Months Consumer Price Index for Groceries Went Up by 30%
    The Analytical Center hosted a round table on stabilization of prices in consumer markets in the import substitution context. The experts reviewed proposals for trade legislation amendments that the State Duma had passed in the first reading as well as amendments proposed by the Ministry for Trade and Industry of Russia.
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