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Expert Analysis of Global and Russian Non-Resource Exports Trends

The Analytical Center has published a new quarterly survey of changes and trends in the regulations of non-resource exports. The experts have analyzed both projected and legislative changes introduced in Q2 2019 related to non-resource exports in Russia, the EEU and worldwide.

The authors of the survey write that the process of creating a network of e-customs continues in Russia. Moreover, by 2020 the government plans to lift a number of exchange control restrictions with regard to the repatriation of foreign currency earnings from non-resource exports. Experts noted that this country's government approved the rules for awarding grants in the form of subsidies for the implementation of individual activities under the Education Export federal project, part of the Education national project.

Section "In the Russian Spotlight" features a special article about the impact of digital economy on the evolution and structure of foreign trade.

In order to provide an additional assistance to the exporters, the analysts keep writing the column "Logistics in figures" with the analysis of cost and terms of delivery of cargoes from Russia to foreign buyers in Q2 2019, and they also compare the cost of cargo deliveries from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd and Novosibirsk to Shanghai.

  • 21 august 2019
    New Fuel and Energy Regulations in Russia and Worldwide in April-June 2019
    Changes in the rules for exporting oil and petroleum products from Russia to Belarus and Kazakhstan, creation of new energy facilities, development of a common electricity market for the EEU: these were some of the topics included in the new publication on fuel and energy regulations in Russia and worldwide prepared based on data for Q2 2019.
  • 20 august 2019
    Experts discussed the aspects of digitalization of public administration
    The Analytical Center hosted an expert discussion of the Concept for establishment and operation of the Common information system architecture for the Federal executive bodies of the Russian Federation.
  • 16 august 2019
    New Mechanisms are Being Developed to Support Digitization
    "Today we're discussing how to select projects to be included in the preferential debt financing program for infrastructure digital technologies that the Ministry of Communications is launching. The requirements for borrowers were set out in the draft government resolution but it's also important that we set out requirements for projects because the demand for this measure in this market is going to depend on it," said Tatiana Radchenko, deputy head of the Analytical Center, as she opened a round table on preferential debt financing for infrastructure digital technologies and requirements for project selection.
  • 8 august 2019
    The Mining Industry Pulls Ahead
    In Russia's industrial sector the mining industry's growth is outpacing growth in all the other sectors, according to the new bulletin on the current trends in the Russian economy published by Analytical Center experts. 2018 saw 2.9% growth in industrial production with the mining industry's output growing by 4.1% and the processing sector's output growing by 2.6%.
  • 7 august 2019
    No global fight against plastic waste is to be expected yet
    The central topic of the Analytical Center's new power bulletin is the ongoing fight against plastic waste Ecologists have been worrying about their accumulation for a long time, and the reduction in the use of plastic packaging is welcome. However, the authors of the bulletin noted another effect of the change in policy concerning plastic: it will become another factor - so far, comparatively small - in the global trend of gradual reduction of the demand for oil and gas in the future.
  • 7 august 2019
    Digital technologies will take the housing utilities sector to a new level
    "According to the Government's instructions, the Housing Utilities Strategy for the period until 2035 must be developed by the end of the year", - said Victoria Gimadi, Head of the Department for Fuel, Energy and Housing Utilities of the Analytical Center, opening the round table "Basics of Public Utilities Digitalization".
  • 5 august 2019
    The System of Education in Construction Sector Should Seek to Meet the Future Needs of the Industry
    "Availability of human resources in construction is the most important element in the implementation of the development strategy for the industry," said the first deputy head of the Analytical Center Gleb Pokatovich opening a round table on the development of the human resources potential and a system of qualifications in construction.
23 august 2019
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Changes and Trends in the Regulation of Non-Raw-Materials Exports in Russia and the World in Q2 2019
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