RSS 9 december 2016

The Society Needs a Dialog about Assumed Changes in the School Education System

“Both the society and experts highlight the importance of and need for changes in schools; however, innovations themselves are a factor constraining development of the school system. Sometimes parents who expect a lot of the announced reforms remain unhappy with current changes,” said Inna Karakchieva, Expert of the Analytical Center, delivering the report “2016 School Efficiency Monitoring: Position of Directors and Teachers” at the expert workshop “Role of the Education System in Development of Russian Regions” held in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

In Russia, the school education may become a priority public project, believes Mrs Karakchieva, but for this purpose “we need a dialog about supposed changes in the school education system, where positions, whether different and sometimes conflicting, can coexist for common and clear benefits.”

  • 8 december 2016
    Experts Discussed the Contents and Structure of the Annual FAS reports on the State of Competition
    "Pursuant to the instruction of the Russian Government subsequent to the results of the meeting hold on 29th September, 2016, we must discuss the contents and structure of the annual reports of the Federal Antimonopoly Service on the state of competition in Russia and come up with proposals on how to improve them," said Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Tatiana Radchenko at a round table held at the Analytical Center.
  • 7 december 2016
    The Finals of the Best Information Analytics Tools 2016 Contest Have Ended
    The Analytical Center hosted the finals of the Best Information Analytics Tools 2016 contest in the nominations Best Information Analytics Solution for Monitoring and Supervision and Best Information Analytics Solution for Urban and Suburban Public Transport Control.
  • 5 december 2016
    Utility Connection Procedures Need Optimization
    “The institution of utility connection is one of the biggest administrative barriers for business and ordinary people alike,” said the expert for the Analytical Center Evgeny Lokhmatov, speaking at the National Forum for Centers of State and Municipal Services that was held in Voronezh. “Apart from the exorbitant cost of utility connection and lack of the appropriate technical capability, another problem encountered in many regions is the complexity, length and low transparency of the formal procedures that need to be completed and lack of information available for the public as well as for small and medium sized businesses. Abuses of power by government officials when making decisions are also quite common.” According to the expert, information about utility connection has to be publicly available in order to facilitate business planning, because without such information it is impossible to estimate key parameters and risks of projects that would take into account the capabilities and constraints associated with utility connection.
  • 5 december 2016
    Public Transportation Needs to Adopt New Business Models
    “We are in an early stage of yet another technology revolution,” said the Head of Department for Information Technologies Alexander Malakhov, speaking at the 5th international forum Smart Cities of the Future with the presentation entitled ‘Third Generation of IT Systems in Urban Passenger Transport’. “This new technology revolution is based on a new generation of mobile communication devices that combine the functions of personal identification, voice and text communication, news reading, electronic payment, security, health monitoring, environment monitoring and a number of others. In addition, these same mobile communications devices implement information exchange and other similar functions for other technologies that can utilize them to exchange messages between each other and to communicate with the human user.”
  • 2 december 2016
    Russia Interested in Getting Quality Agricultural Products from Tajikistan
    “For the past decade Russia, China, and the US have been taking an active interest in Tajikistan,” said Denis Ershov, expert with the Analytical Center said, speaking at a Round table on bilateral co-operation in agriculture, held as part of the 5th Russo-Tajik Inter-Regional Forum. “This to a large extent determines the nature and pace of the development of the Republic’s foreign trade, including trade in the field of agricultural products.”
  • 1 december 2016
    Key Challenge for Education System is Speed of Current Changes
    “Reputation strategy is an important component in creating attractiveness of the education both in the country and in the international arena. It is important to define the trends that influence the reputation strategy, the challenges it faces with, and the development priorities it has,” said Ms. Inna Karakchieva, leading expert of the Department for Social Policy of the Analytical Center, at the Round-table “Reputation strategy of the education system: assessment of trends, challenges, risks, and prospect for development.”
  • 30 november 2016
    Regions Need to Share Experiences in Project Management
    “Regions lack dialog. Some regions know how to manage projects and are eager to share their experiences, while others, on the contrary, are at the very beginning of the path. The current meeting will allow strengthening the quality of practices sharing experiences due to horizontal networking,” said Ilya Vinokurov, Head of the Department for Project Management in the Public-Sector of the Analytical Center, when moderating the round table organized by the Analytical Center within the framework of the Conference "Best Practices of Project Management – 2016."
27 september 2016
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