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RSS 16 august 2018

Vodka and cognac consumer price dynamics affect alcohol sales statistics

The Izvestia journalists took an interest in statistics of alcohol consumption in Russia, according to which the sales of imported alcoholic beverages increased, but consumption of domestic spirits did not go down, however.

So they turned to the Analytical Center's expert Elena Razumova with the question of why the sales of alcoholic beverages continue to grow despite the fact that, according to the Ministry of Healthcare official statistics, per capita consumption is steadily declining.

"We are unaware of what data sources the Ministry of Healthcare is using to assess consumption," admitted Razumova, "but, with respect to alcohol, the estimates include not only the total volume of consumption of alcoholic products, but consumption of pure alcohol as well, and there is indeed a reduction tendency considering this indicator, predominantly due to growth of beer ratio in the consumption structure." The expert presumed that the Russian Ministry of Healthcare is also using the data on official shipments of alcoholic products, which stabilized only in the last 2 years, as opposed to the 2012-2016 period when they were dropping every year, sometimes quite significantly.

  • 16 august 2018
    Experts discuss non-raw-materials export expansion opportunities
    The Analytical Center issued the next quarterly digest of changes and trends in the regulation of non-raw materials exports in Russia and the world. Experts analyzed legislative changes that came into force in Q2 2018 and planned changes concerning the non-raw-materials export regulation in Russia, EEU and the world.
  • 14 august 2018
    Special Work Group to Manage State Data
    The Analytical Center will be hosting the special work group on the formation of a national data management system (TRG "NSUD"), being part of the Normative Regulation work group of the program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation". The first meeting of TRG "NSUD" was held on August 10.
  • 13 august 2018
    Government and Businesses Advocate Digital Literacy
    It is necessary to educate Russian citizens on data loss prevention tools. That is the conclusion drawn by the participants of the roundtable "Data as a New Currency. Who Stands to Gain from Data Breaches?", which was held at the Analytical Center on August 8.
  • 9 august 2018
    Experts categorized the regions of the BRICS countries
    The Analytical Center issued a new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy, which presents the classification of the regions of the BRICS countries. Middle-income countries, to which these states belong, as a rule, are characterized by high regional and socio-economic inequalities. This issue of the bulletin analyzes the main parameters of the regional economies of the countries and identifies four groups of regions based on the development level for Brazil, India, China and South Africa.
  • 7 august 2018
    Experts Discuss Ways to Encourage the Adult Population to Take Up Sports
    What could possibly prompt adults to become more physically active? "At the very least they need to have enough spare time and sufficient disposable income and if those two criteria are met people start going in for sports on their own without any prompting," believes Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Gleb Pokatovich. As he opened an expert meeting devoted to this topic Mr. Pokatovich said, "There is no time for waiting and we are going to have to find ways to get people interested in fitness and sports, however, we also need to take care to make sure the mechanisms we use are not distorted by the vestiges of the Soviet-style mandatory requirements to pass the ready for work and defense physical fitness tests."
  • 6 august 2018
    Favorable conditions have been created for the development of new oil price indicators
    New oil price indicators are being developed in all the main regional markets - in the USA, the Middle East, Russia and China, write Analytical Center experts in their new energy bulletin.
  • 3 august 2018
    Incentive mechanisms need to be developed to help promote private education
    The Analytical Center has published another bulletin on education that continues to explore the topic of private education. The issue on the agenda this time around is the development of private higher education in Russia.
16 august 2018
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'Changes and Trends in the Regulation of Non-Raw-Materials Exports in Russia and the World' for Q2 2018
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