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Common standards need to be put in place before a universal fare payment system can be created

"Options for the creation of a universal fare payment system (UPS) are based on territorial divisions resulting from a large degree of independence in the regions with regards to making decisions about the organization of public transport in the cities and the fare policies in each specific region," Head of the Department for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Alexander Malakhov said, opening a round table on the scenarios for the creation of a universal system for paying fares on public transport.

According to Mr. Malakhov there are 3 options for how development in this area can proceed. "The first involves creation in each region of an independent universal fare payment system operator with its own organizational structure but with all such operators working on the basis of synchronized regulations and standards," the expert said. "Option number two envisions a closer integration and the creation of a national wide universal fare payment system operator that provides services to regional operators. Under this scenario, the regional governments would develop their own regulations, taking into account the specific features of their regions as well as the system requirements." As for the third scenario, it calls for the creation of a centralized IT service that offers all the basic fare payment functions as well as such additional functions as notifying passengers of time tables and managing regional public transport systems, while all the regulations and laws governing the system are to be standardized at all levels, Mr. Malakhov noted.

27 september 2016
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