RSS 25 august 2016

Participants in the Best Research Tools 2016 contest may get individual consultations

“Speaking about the goals of the contest, they are based on the current objectives of the Analytical Center and executive authorities,” said the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Galina Chinarikhina as she opened a workshop on the procedure and rules for participating in the Best Research Tools 2016. “Thus, whatever software solutions are presented for the contest, they must aim to solve the specific management and analytical problems we are facing today.” Mr. Chinarikhina also confirmed that the final report on the contest will include information on all the projects submitted to the contest and not just about the winners. The workshop  was held for prospective participants in the contest organized by the Analytical Center and was streamed live online. Deputy Head of the Department for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Anatoly Karpenko, who developed the methodology for the contest, talked in detail about all of its stages, the thematic and technology-based nominations, about the work of the ranking expert group and answered questions from the participants. “All the research tools will be put in specific nominations,” Mr. Karpenko said. “The same tool can be presented in several nominations if it meets all of their conditions. However, a separate application must be submitted for each nomination.”

  • 24 august 2016
    Experts say it is important to have a system in place for working with gifted and talented children
    “Every human being is a talent. Whether or not they are going to achieve success in life, however, depends on whether their talent gets discovered, whether they get a chance to put their gifts to use,” says the Head of the Department for State Policy in the Education for Children and Youths of the Russian Ministry for Education and Science Alexander Stradze opening his address at a round table in the Analytical Center with a quote from the Concept for the Nation-Wide System for the Identification and Development of the Talented Youth. Today, regulations have been developed for identifying gifted children and talented youths. They are being refined now and a whole host of measures are in place in the regions, Mr. Stradze noted.
  • 24 august 2016
    ONLINE BROADCASTING Workshop "Rules of participation in the Contest “Best Research Tools - 2016”" Part 2
  • 23 august 2016
    Future of Freight Cars Hinges on Economic Viability
    The Analytical Center has discussed whether the demand for freight cars will recover, how rolling stock manufacturers and operators can achieve the break-even point, and whether government support is efficient. The experts have also focused on the demand and supply balance by freight car type as well as the impact of lease rates on rolling stock renewal.
  • 19 august 2016
    Experts are against Returning to Governmental Regulation of Tariffs for Services of Sea Ports
    The Analytical Center held a roundtable entitled “Regulating stevedoring operations in sea ports”. Experts met to discuss probable implications of the recent initiative of the Federal Antimonopoly Service to tighten regulation of tariffs for stevedore services. This is not the first time when this subject is discussed and key ministries are at the stage of forming a position on this issue now, said Svetlana Ganeeva, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, opening the event.
  • 18 august 2016
    The state energy policy must be amended to take into account the real conditions the energy sector is developing in
    The Analytical Center held a discussion about the strategic priorities for the development of Russia’s electric power sector, the development plans of power companies as well as the development targets and obstacles the sector will be facing in the long term. Participants in the discussion included representatives of federal executive authorities, energy companies, expert organizations and the academic community.
  • 17 august 2016
    The performance and efficiency indicators should properly motivate federal executive authorities to work
    “Today we can look at the results of the implementation of the first stage of the pilot project to develop and introduce a system for assessing the performance and efficiency of monitoring and supervision activities approved by the Russian Federation government in its Resolution No 934-r dated May 17, 2016,” said Deputy Minister for Economic Development of Russia Savva Shipov at the expert seminar held at the Analytical Center.
  • 16 august 2016
    Qatar is a good example of a successful country that mostly lives off exports of natural resources
    The Fuel and Energy Sector of Russia journal has published an article penned by Analytical Center experts Alexander Kurdin and Svyatoslav Pikh titled Qatar’s Energy Policy: the Strategy of Selling LNG in Europe and Asia. The authors conclude that as of 2015 Qatar had the largest fleet of LNG vessels, an important consideration in a global market where emphasis is quickly shifting towards liquefied natural gas.
9 october 2015
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