RSS 24 october 2016

Urgent Conclusion of Energy Service Contracts is Required in the Housing and Budget Sector

“Municipalities of all constituent entities of the Russian Federation urgently need to intensify work on executing energy service agreements and contracts, first of all, in the budget and housing sector,” said Mr. Dmitry Khomchenko, Expert of the Analytical Center, speaking at a plenary meeting of the first international municipal investment forum “Southern Dialog”. This is caused by the fact that currently, according to the expert, the situation with increasing energy efficiency and energy savings in these areas not just leaves much to be desired, but is simply disastrous in some regions, as no agreement or contract is signed there at all.

Earlier, speaking at the VI International Congress “Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency - Development Trends” Mr. Khomchenko said that concession agreements in implementing energy saving and better energy efficiency projects in a number of cases would have a significant advantage over the energy service agreements and contracts, and one of those advantages would be a longer validity period. In addition, it is quite possible and legally permissible to combine legal rules of concessions and energy service under one agreement.

  • 21 october 2016
    Metropolis Environmental Policy Must Be Based on Real-Life Data
    "Environmental policy in a city as big as Moscow must be based on real data and meter readings rather than myths and journalistic clichés,” Evgeny Gasho, Analytical Center’s expert, said at the plenary session of the VI Research and Practice Conference on environmental issues entitled Scientific and Technological Advances: Contribution to Moscow’s Environment. “The metropolis of Moscow is the most complex and energy-packed in the world. In terms of heat consumption, it is equal to all the Scandinavian capitals and a dozen major cities in Canada combined, while per capita energy consumption by Muscovites is almost twice as low as that of the population of the warmer European countries. The rate of power consumption of the Russian capital's economy is lower by a quarter than that of Brussels."
  • 20 october 2016
    System Approach Needed to Develop End Food Markets
    The Analytical Center in cooperation with the Retail Companies Association (AKORT) launched a series of round tables on the "Priorities of the Key Players of the Russian Food Market". During the round table experts discussed existing risks and problems, and measures needed to be taken by the Government and businesses to facilitate the systematic improvement of the situation with food markets and the emergence of new points of economic growth.
  • 19 october 2016
    Development of electric cars should be driven by market demand
    In August, the Deputy Chair of the Russian Government Arkady Dvorkovich instructed the country’s ministries and government agencies to develop a set of technological and economic incentives for the manufacturers and consumers of electric vehicles. Experts point out that given the scale of the announced plans it is important to understand who is going to develop the requisite infrastructure for electric vehicles in Russia - after all, all the success stories about the development of environmentally friendly transport in other countries have involved the state making it the job of major energy companies to develop the required infrastructure. It was the development of infrastructure for electric vehicles that was discussed at the round table that the Analytical Center and Russian Grids held as part of the business program of the international electric power forum Rugrids-Electro-2016.
  • 19 october 2016
    A digital ecosystem is emerging in mass sports
    “We are currently seeing a mass migration of high performance sports technology into the physical training education and mass sports. This trend has been largely a result of the fast development of the high-tech and IT markets, that has made advanced digital tech widely available and affordable,” said the Head of the Department for IT and Data Processing of the Analytical Center Yuri Linkov, speaking at the international forum Russia as a Sports Power.
  • 18 october 2016
    The second stage of the Best Information Analytics Tools 2016 contest begins
    “Today is the last day when applications can be submitted and essentially it is the start of the second stage of the contest during which the applications are going to be assessed,” said Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Galina Chinarikhina, as she opened a methodological seminar for members of the expert group of the Best Information Analytics Tools 2016 contest. - “A total of about 50 applications have been submitted, some nominations got more applications than others, we regard that as a good result that reflect market demand for different kinds of software solutions.”
  • 17 october 2016
    Murmansk Oblast leading by number of respondents in the survey for commuter trains' passengers
    The Analytical Center keeps gathering feedback from suburban commuters. So far, most responses are coming from the Northwest Federal Okrug.
  • 17 october 2016
    Presenting the zero-carbon energy as a counter choice to replace the traditional energy would be an absolutely unproductive strategy
    “Presenting the zero-carbon energy as a counter choice to replace the traditional energy would be an absolutely unproductive strategy from the economic, technological, and even the information angle,” said Evgeny Gasho, expert with the Analytical Center speaking at the international congress “Renewable Energy in XXI Century: Energy and Economic Efficiency” held on October 13-14 in Skolkovo.
27 september 2016
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