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5.2% Growth is Needed to get Household Income Back to the 2013 Level

Welfare in Russia has been falling in the past two years: -0.3% in 2014 and -4.3% in 2015. To get household income back to the 2013 level, 5.2% growth is needed, the Analytical Center's expert Sofia Gavdifattova explained in an interview to

“At the same time, according to the latest data from the Federal Statistics Service, in January through April 2016 household income dynamics was negative (-4.7%). It is much more than in the same period of last year when it only fell by 2.4%,” Ms. Gavdifattova concluded.

The crisis is over but the people have not noticed: even as GDP growth went from negative to positive, people are not seeing more money in their wallets, notes. Five million people have been pushed below the official poverty line. These are the ‘new poor’ whose living standards fell in 2014-2015. It may take several more years to bring these people out of poverty.

  • 26 may 2016
    The Best Information Analytics Tools will Make Working with Data Easier
    In 2016 the Analytical Center is going to hold the Best Information Analytics Tools contest. Preparations for this project will go on until July, and the first public event will be a discussion of the methodology of holding the contest with representatives of federal executive authorities, professional associations, and the expert community.
  • 25 may 2016
    In Order to Encourage Development of Russian Software, Open Data need to be Stimulated
    “Key consumers of open data are application and service developers that use them as a source of content to base their apps and services on as well as journalists and other interested parties who can carry out in-depth socio-economic and research studies based on ‘raw’ data,” said the Head of the Department for IT and Data Processing of the Analytical Center Yuriy Linkov, speaking at the IT+Sovereignty forum. “Sovereignty in this context means creating an ecosystem for the development of Russian software using public and private open data and assessing the risks posed by open data that have already been published and that are ready for publication.”
  • 25 may 2016
    Half of Entrepreneurs Regards Competition in the Russian Market as Moderate
    The Analytical Center has released the 3rd annual Report on the state of the competition environment in the country. The report uses the findings of a poll conducted by the Analytical Center and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia in January through February 2016. 1,500 companies from 84 Russian regions took part in the poll. About 80% of the polled companies can be classified as small businesses, micro-companies with annual sales of up to RUB 120 million, employing up to 100 staff members. 2/3 of the respondents represented their own business that has been in the market for more than 5 years.
  • 24 may 2016
    Offshore LNG Projects will not make a Substantial Contribution to the Budget
    “Offshore natural resources extraction projects as well as liquefied natural gas projects are complex and expensive, and when you combine the two types of project into one, both complexity and price go up accordingly. With the current level of global energy prices, the prospects of these kinds of projects are less and less certain,” said Alexander Kurdin, Head of the Department for Strategic Studies in Energy of the Analytical Center, speaking at the 13th International Conference "Exploring the Russian Shelf and LNG - 2016."
  • 23 may 2016
    Experts Analyze the Situation with the Food Embargo
    Experts have analyzed the trends in imports into Russia of key embargoed food products, changes in the composition of the exporting countries, substitution for food imports, changes in the position of various companies in the Russian food markets as well as the impact of the embargo on the countries targeted by it. The key conclusions are found in the report "Food Embargo in 2015."
  • 20 may 2016
    There are Factors Holding Back the Development of the Oil and Gas Industry in the CIS
    “The CIS accounts for a fourth of the global natural gas output and exports and 15% of the global oil production and exports. Key indicators of the oil and gas industry are going up but in recent years the growth rate has slowed down. The reason is that the domestic market is getting saturated but exports are not rising because of the lack of export infrastructure and increased competition in the global markets,” said the Analytical Center expert Alexander Amiragyan, speaking at the SAP Forum for the Petrochemical and Oil and Gas sector of the CIS.
  • 19 may 2016
    The Electric Power Industry and Energy Engineering Have New Development Vectors
    “Currently, various industries face severe changes and challenges that could not but affect the opinion of experts regarding their development”, said Viktoria Gimadi, Head of the Department for Fuel and Energy Sector, opening the plenary meeting “Russian Electric Power Industry in Current Conditions. External Challenges and Export Opportunities of the Russian Fuel and Energy Sector” held as part of the IV Russian International Energy Forum. The expert acted as the moderator of the plenary meeting where problems and development prospects of the electric power industry and energy engineering were discussed.
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