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Any information analytics system needs a customer

Before going ahead with a nation-wide introduction of information analytics systems, state authorities need to achieve a critical mass of experience in successfully using them, believes Alexander Malakhov, Head of the Department for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center. Success stories about information analytics solutions recently implemented by state authorities were presented at a round table on the role and place of information analytics tools in the planning and making of management decisions.

“40% of managers believe their reports have all the information they need for making management solutions but only 20% of their reports agree with that assessment,” Mr. Malakhov said. In the public sector today, agencies that utilize information analytics systems are few and far between and on the whole state authorities tend to have too much inertia, the expert noted. In practice, civil service officers have learned to compile numerous reports in Excel, but once those get submitted up the chain of command their further use is rather problematic. In addition to simply collecting source data, it is important to learn how to work with the sources, data storage formats and data analysis and only after all those aspects are in place, they should move on to data visualization. Plus, it needs to be borne in mind that no information analytics system is going to run itself. You cannot just feed data into it, push a button and get instant results. The effectiveness of any information analytics solution depends on two factors: the quality of data and the professionalism of the analysts that analyze that data, Mr. Malakhov stressed.

  • 28 september 2016
    Russian products should be assembled of domestic components
    “The main requirement of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation is that Russian products should be assembled of domestic components, which should help small and medium sized businesses to grow"’ said Sergey Romanov, Deputy Director of the Department for State Energy Policy of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, at a round table on “Promotion of competition among local manufacturers of import substituting equipment for the fuel and energy sector”, which was held at the Analytical Center.
  • 27 september 2016
    The Analytical Center is working on a methodology for assessing state development institutions
    The Analytical Center is analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of state development institutions. A pilot version of the new methodology for assessing the state development institutions’ effectiveness was presented today at a round table at the Analytical Center. “We need a single methodology to develop an assessment tool because so far we have not had standardized requirements and parameters for assessing the performance of SDIs,” said deputy head of the Analytical Center Vasily Pushkin as he opened the event.
  • 26 september 2016
    Antimpnopoly regulation is lagging behind the Internet technologies
    The development of payment systems, online auctions, the Internet search engines, operating systems, video games is creating a lot of new challenges for legislators and state authorities that enforce the laws. Experts of the Analytical Center studied the international practices of antimonopoly regulation in bilateral markets and considered some controversial issues surrounding the application of antimonopoly regulation, having analyzed the cases of some foreign antimonopoly bodies. The findings of the study prompted the Analytical Center to publish a new bulletin on the development of competition.
  • 23 september 2016
    South-East Asian countries open to Russian business
    "The markets of Vietnam and Indonesia are very promising, and both countries have seen some solid economic growth in recent years. In order for this growth to continue in the future, the infrastructure in place must meet contemporary requirements both in quality and in quantity," said Denis Yershov, Head of the Department for International Cooperation of the Analytical Center, opening the Workshop on Assessing the Potential of Russian Companies’ Participation in Infrastructure Projects in South-East Asia.
  • 21 september 2016
    Where tax regulations are tough, a system of exemptions is a must
    The Analytical Center has held a round table entitled “Assessing the effectiveness of tax exemptions in the oil and gas sector” during which experts talked about the current results of the assessment and the advisability of revising the mechanisms of tax exemptions. Participants in the round table included representatives of federal executive authorities, oil and NG companies, expert organizations and the academic community.
  • 20 september 2016
    Technological development is optimal for Russian coal industry
    “For the Russian coal industry to go green and opt for intensive technological development may be the best strategy we can choose,” Analytical Center’s expert Irina Pominova said speaking at a round table organized by the Izvestia newspaper and entitled “Greening of the Russian Coal Industry in the Context of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.”
  • 19 september 2016
    The Organizing Committee of the Proyektniy Olimp Contest Announced Completion of the Qualifying Round
    The Organizing Committee of the Proyektniy Olimp contest completed the selection of contestants qualified for the final round. The Analytical Center held a round table to discuss preliminary results. “At the round table, experts of the Analytical Center congratulated the assessors who successfully passed PM Standard certification. Let me remind you that the Analytical Center is a regional certifying center for this standard,” said Mr. Ilya Vinokurov, Head of the Department for Project Management in the Public Sector.
    Totally, 118 applications and 79 reports were submitted to the contest, out of which 58 applications and 42 reports were in the Organization Management Systems nomination, 37 applications and 20 reports in Project Office Organizations and Activities, and 23 applications and 17 reports in Integrated Project Management Systems.
27 september 2016
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