RSS 30 july 2015

Project Olympus Organizational Committee Announces Completion of the Application Round

The collection of applications for participating in the Project Olympus will stop on July 30, but the contest itself is just gaining momentum. The organizers will have a difficult period of reviewing contest reports and selecting participants for the final round. More…

  • 29 july 2015
    Experts Discuss Using Apartments as Hostels
    Experts of the Analytical Center have discussed the regulation of small hostels. The state standard regulating the running of hostels went into effect on Jan 1, 2015 (GOST R 56184-2014 National Standard of the Russian Federation. Hospitality Services. General Requirements for Hostels). Under the new standard a hostel is defined as a low-budget hotel and hostels must be run in accordance with the requirements of the Residential Code of the Russian Federation.
  • 28 july 2015
    Experts: Ukraine’s prospects for long-term development remain pessimistic
    Having analyzed current trends for the socio-economic development of Ukraine in 2014 and the first quarter of 2015, experts of the Analytical Center have concluded that the crisis has moved into a stagnant phase with no visible factors of growth, and its duration is more important than the trends of the indicators of socio-economic and political processes.
  • 27 july 2015
    Project Head Managers to Now Have Their Own Occupational Standard
    Project management experts are currently working on development of an occupational standard for project head managers. The provisions of the future document are being discussed by representatives of the expert community, while the document itself is expected to be submitted for consideration by the Russian Ministry of Labour. The development of the document was the initiative of the Russian Project Management Association SOVNET.
  • 24 july 2015
    Expert: National Currency Exchange Rate Very Stable
    The Deputy Head of the Department for Expert Analytics of the Analytical Center Daniil Nametkin believes that the western sanctions that have partially cut off the Russian economy from global capital markets can actually have a positive impact on the Russian economy.
  • 21 july 2015
    Analytical Center to Assess Introduction of a Competition Promotion Standard in Russian Regions
    By late August executive authorities should agree on an updated standard for promotion of competition in Russian provinces. The standard is being implemented in increasingly more regions across the country.
  • 20 july 2015
    Children Must Have a Say on Issues that Affect their Interests
    The Analytical Center expert Elena Zotova believes the best way to improve the quality of life of both children and people in general is through wider participation by children in decisions that affect their interests, ensuring transparency and creating standards for such participation.
  • 17 july 2015
    Ministry of Economic Development to Divide the Work to Support Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Businesses
    The Analytical Center hosted an expert workshop Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Russian Regions. Current Problems and Solution Approaches - during which experts discussed the socio-economic situation of small and medium-sized businesses in the regions of Russia and also examined the support programs that are currently in place.
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