RSS 1 october 2015

The village inhabitant’s migration flaw causes by the difference between the incomes of urban and rural population

Elena Razumova spoke in the Public Chamber at the roundtable devoted to agriculture and rural development. In her report “The dynamics, features of settlement and perspectives of the rural population in Russia” the expert told about the results of the research that was conducted by the Analytical Center. More…

  • 29 september 2015
    Experts Confirm a Shift in Emphasis in the Cost-Sharing in the Sphere of Higher Education
    Experts of the Analytical Center prepared the next issue of the Bulletin on the state of education in Russia, dedicated to the topic of higher education in Russia and abroad.
  • 28 september 2015
    Analytical Center Meeting Executive Candidate Poll Representatives
    The Analytical Center jointly with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) held a workshop on "Strengthening the efficiency of organization of additional vocational training of state civil servants", during which experts discussed the development of mechanisms of interaction between the business community and research teams through the example of an expert platform for scientists and entrepreneurs that is being created.
  • 28 september 2015
    Increased mortality in early 2015 was driven by many factors
    On the UN conference on non-communicable diseases held on September 25 Veronika Skvortsova, the Russian Health Minister, noted that the overall mortality rate in the country has decreased by 14% since 2006 and the life expectancy has risen to the national historic high and amounted to 76.5 years. Nevertheless, in early 2015 mortality jumped up. The situation is commented by the Analytical Center’s Expert Daria Prosyanyuk.
  • 28 september 2015
    It is necessary to consolidate efforts of all countries for the promotion of the climate agreement
    The Analytical Center held a Round-Table Discussion ‘Development of International Climate Policies: Risks and Opportunities for Russia’, during which experts discussed the Russian stance on the climate issue within the COP21/CMP11 (Climate Change Conference 2015 in Paris), and also considered the possible consequences of the adoption of the Convention for climate policy of the world and Russia.
  • 25 september 2015
    It is time to move from accumulation of published sets to construction of information management system in work with Open Data
    A webinar and a presentation on the subject ‘Open Data Use Efficiency” were carried out at the Analytical Center. Experts talked about development of the open data system as of one of the key areas in the field of improving state and municipal administration by improving the transparency and accountability of public authorities as well as the IT development in Russia.
  • 24 september 2015
    EEU Сountries Сoordinate Efforts on Development of Their Economies
    Experts of the Analytical Center participated in the IV Kirgiz-Russian Inter-regional Conference “Eurasian Economic Union. New prospects of inter-regional cooperation”.
  • 24 september 2015
    Analytical Center Сontinues its Work on Implementing the Competition Promotion Standard in Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation
    The Analytical Center continues its work on implementing the Competition Development Standard in constituent entities of the Russian Federation. On September 23 together with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives the Analytical Center organized a seminar ”Standard for Competition Promotion in Russian Constituent Entities”. Within the framework of the event experts discussed matters related to promoting competition in socially important markets, goods and services markets, and reviewed organization and realization of public control of activities of subjects of natural monopolies.
18 october 2014
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