RSS 5 february 2016

Boilers should only be converted from oil to other fuels if the conversion makes economic sense

The Analytical Center discussed various approaches to assessing the multiplicative effects of converting boilers from oil and oil based fuels to alternative fuels.

“In the past 18 months the situation in the industry has changed drastically, especially in terms of prices,” believes Vitaly Kovalchuk, the Assistant to the Department for Industry and Infrastructure of the Russian Government. “Today we are seeing some power plants deliberately choose fuel oil because it is cheaper.” At the same time, Russia has all kinds of renewable energy sources in different regions that are not being used at all at the moment, the expert noted. In his opinion, economic considerations must be the deciding factor here. “We do not want to replace fuel oil with renewable sources at any cost; we have to look at how savings can be achieved. And then where it is possible and where it makes economic sense, we can go ahead with the conversion to locally sourced renewable fuels,” Mr. Kovalchuk summed up.

  • 4 february 2016
    Experts Suggest a Prrolonged Economic Downturn
    The new social-and-economic crisis review titled Consumer Price Trends in Russia during the Economic Downturn published by the Analytical Center is devoted to inflation happening against a backdrop of a significant devaluation of the Russian ruble.
  • 4 february 2016
    Higher and Higher: Positions of the Analytical Center in Global Go To Think Tank Rating Have Strengthened Again
    For the third consecutive year, activities of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation have been distinguished by experts of the Pennsylvania University, USA, who prepare Global Go To Think Tank, an annual rating of global “think tanks”, by analysing activities of such profile organisations worldwide.
  • 2 february 2016
    What it costs to slow down oil production in US?
    The Analytical Center has published another issue of its Energy Bulletin entitled ‘Oil Production: Set to Go Down?’ The experts analyzed the global oil market and its tendencies while excessive supply continues to be a factor, the prices are going down, and production by exporting countries including Russia keeps going up.
  • 29 january 2016
    Development Scenarios for Russia’s Grain Market
    The Analytical Center looked at the development of Russia’s grain market until 2030 using three main scenarios: baseline, pessimistic, and optimistic. The different parameters are the amount of crops, agricultural land, yield, imports, and exports.
  • 28 january 2016
    IT Exports Need Non-Financial Support
    The Analytical Center and the Eximbank Bank of Russia organized a breakfast meeting ‘IT for Export: Development of Potential through Export Financing.’ During the breakfast meeting experts talked about the existing practices of providing support for exports of IT products and services to foreign markets as well as measures to improve the financing tools available to Russian exporters of IT products and services.
  • 26 january 2016
    Analytical Center to Poll Businesses Again on Competitive Environment
    Between January 25 and February 28, 2016 the Analytical Center will be conducting its third annual survey of business representatives on the state of competitive environment. The idea is to assess the 'well-being' of business under the economic and political conditions that entrepreneurs and investors are facing at the moment.
  • 26 january 2016
    Project Management must be Backed by Quality Regulations
    The Analytical Center held a Round Table on infrastructure projects with state participation that looked at changes in regulations as a way to legitimate the use of project management. During the Round Table experts put forward proposals for what amendments could be made to existing laws to allow the tools and methods of project management to be used legitimately in the implementation of major socially-significant infrastructure projects that the state has a stake in.
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